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A Welcome Ray of Sunshine

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Thank you Goingsilver. Yes, the sun is a very welcome visitor during our rainy winters.


Great view Cathy, and hurray for the sun!


Hi Laurajane. Yes, you may call me Cathy. :) I was standing on Lonsdale Ave in North Vancouver and we are looking across Burrard Inlet at downtown Vancouver. The building that looks like it has a space ship on top is Harbour Centre. That is a revolving restaurant at the top.


Oh cevas, I didn't know your name is Cathy. May I call you that? Very nice shot. Is this Vancouver?


Thank you, Suzy! A young man was taking the same picture not far from me. ( No, I don't think it was photogent?!) I guess that splash of sunlight caused a lot of folks to think of their cameras.


A really nice perspective with the hill and the city in the background.


Thank you, JC. In the rest of Canada I think most of the drivers know how to drive on snowy roads. But here in Vancouver it rarely snows and so most of the drivers don't have a clue. Fortunately most of THEM know that they don't have a clue and they take the bus or skytrain to work that day or that week. Definitely not the best drivers in the world!! I think that's New Zealand.


Nice one, Cathy. I just can't believe how steep the hills are! How do you get around when it's snowing? You Canadians must be the best drivers in the world!


Hi Ank. Thank you for your note. It is cloudy and 2C (35F) here in Vancouver this morning - 8 Dec. It will be sunny and 4C this afternoon. We still haven't had snow in the city just up at higher elevations.


Beautiful Cathy. I already thought I saw this befor. It also possible that I saw it when I did visit with google earth. Nice that you had a very little bit of sun. We had sun all day. It's cold. We have snow. The night was -10.5 and in the middle of the day it was -3.


Hi robryan and Carol. Thank you for your comments! Yes, lower Lonsdale and upper Lonsdale are steep. The central part is relatively flat.

On 4 Sept I posted a summer version of this scene. The trees have leaves and the poles have colourful banners instead of Christmas lights.


I always think how Lonsdale probably contributed to my good health today.....everywhere we went we had to walk either up or down Lonsdale a great work out we never knew we were getting!


Great shot cevas - that's a steep street!


Hi Angelbender. Thank you for your comment. Are those photovoltaic panels?! Thank you for the extra information.

Love seeing all the photovoltaic panels on the buildings at the left. If only the USA would get with it.


Taken on Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver on Dec 5 looking south at Vancouver.