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Floral Tapestry Kaleidoscope for Chrissie & Kathy

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Chrissie, here is a larger size, as discussed, in the 4:3 ratio. The central kaleido is 2400 x 3200 pix with 72 dpi. The outer frame is 3000 x 3800. (I frame after I finish the kaleido and what size and whether double or not depends on my mood.) I found that I did have to manipulate the size of the first rotation but it wasn't an issue after that. This was a busy photo to start with, I would have to see how this worked with simpler photos, since I do them "by hand". Let me know what you think; I appreciate all your input! (rats...just noticed that I got the frame in a little too close so it looks like some bleed out...I see what you mean by clearer...oh well, I can re-frame it if I want...;-D)

Kathy, I've used the texture here and some of the glass effect as we discussed too. Thanks for your pointers as well!

The frame is art glass.

What a wonderful community we have here!

(btw...I rather like this one, myself!)


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Ok, by me, den master!


Judy, I don't mind either. Come join us in the pool... I'm at the shallow end :-)
I will write to you later today and we'll sort out a way to learn by email as it can be unwieldy using comments on umpteen puzzles. That OK with you, Michelle? Email on the way to you too :-)


If Chrissie doesn't mind, I don't either. Learning is best enjoyed when shared, as far as I am concerned Judy. You know how much of a newbie that I am so I am sure that you could add to the pool too. You have a lovely eye for composition! ;-D


Michelle, I followed this link and have been reading about what you are doing. Would you and Chrissie mind if I eavesdropped on your conversations? I guess if you've chosen to email, that's a different story, but I'm learning too. I'm amazed by what both of you do and would love to know what you are sharing. Just a thought.


I just saw your email and replied to let you know it is working just fine.

Is there a shallow end of the pool? Gee, I didn't realize. (Our backyard one starts at 3 1/2 ft and by the time you're out about 6 ft from the edge, it's over your head in the middle. I guess the literal has an impact on the figurative? LOL btw - used ft rather than m since that's the pool's age and nomenclature.)

Francine would be thrilled to know that you learned something from her too! She's a doll....


Email is fine but we'll go with a puzzle if that suits you best.

There is an awful lot to learn and it can become overwhelming. You didn't start at the shallow end of the pool, did you? Jumped right into the deep end :-) Francine is a treasure, for sure. We can both learn from her... I didn't know about the cutout under effects until I saw what she had told you :-)


Never mind...saw your comments in the other puzzle and have gone to one of your old ones with the details. See you soon...



That or an email account...either works for me, Chrissie. I can set up a private "Chrissie" puzzle too and give you a link in one of your older puzzles. ( I certainly have several just sitting in Jigidi waiting for posting...)

I've been popping around too and today my brain is super-fogged. One creation only and I'm baked so will have to totter off to bed soon.

Francine has been showing me some techniques too...there is just so much to learn, isn't there?


We have comments floating around on so many puzzles I'm losing track of where we are, Michelle! I missed this one altogether. Can we simplify this some way? Use one puzzle for all comments? Any other ideas?


Just played with re-sizing and re-posting and it didn't seem to make an appreciable difference. At least to my tired eyes. Storage on the other hand...LOL! I usually take these off and pop them over on a jump drive right away. I post on Jigidi privately as soon as I'm done...;-D


G'day, Chrissie! (I started by saying "good morning" but that's only relevant here. Adopting the Ozzie way seems more appropriate, lol.)

I have been playing with both the 4:3 and back again to the larger square (still min of 2400 pixels). I think, for my purposes, it depends on the pattern that I see emerge. I do the four rotations by hand, multiply, flatten, copy, hide the copy and start brightening the original to see if I like what emerges. The last couple of days, I have been throwing quite a number away. If I don't feel inspired enough to see something to tweak... ;-D I'll haven't re-sized the final back down and wonder why I didn't; blonde moment, I guess. (Yup, I'm allowed to say that...I wear it with pride!) Or staying up to dark-thirty o'clock working on these! I think that the last couple of puzzles were probably too big (they haven't gone public yet) - the pieces seem to be smaller again. (Last minute thought: I should re-size and re-post privately and see if there is a difference.)

Funnily enough, I didn't do a bunch of copying or pasting in this one. When I stretched the second rotation and continued, the centre design formed and I liked it so kept it as it was. The clarity issue is probably my not getting my glassine effect quite right. (Or the combination of texture and several overlaying bevels...I can't quite remember what I did! Do you ever get puzzle addled this way?) In several of my puzzles, I have "cut out" the centre design after kaleidoscoping and isolated it (whether by creating the clipping layer or by copying over to a new page...especially if I want to tweak it further). Lately, I have then been doing some sort of texture effect to the rest of the field. All part of trying to learn...

I am still posting some of the older ones; I can't believe that I made that many so quickly! Obsessive? Not! (Yeah, right...)

I've played with canvas sizing but not with filling it with pattern or gradient yet, and not for the kaleidoscopes. I'm not sure that I'm using the gradient tool properly yet. Mainly, I've been just doing the background to foreground on the mask of the background copy and before I use the cookie cutter...if I use the cookie cutter at this stage. I don't always like the effect and sometimes start that process after I've flattened; off marching to the tune of my own drummer again and not following proper kaleido technique (but this is the joy of doing things "by hand").

Francine gave me some directions yesterday about using Effects and shapes that I want to try too. There is so much information to try to absorb. (My OH has been looking at the products too and brought home a book from the library re Elements 8 - After the Shoot by Mark Fitzgerald of The Digital Darkroom. I'll scan through it and see what it can offer me for 11. OH's fault that I have become obsessed - he gave me this as my Christmas pressie!)

I have gone through my older puzzles looking for your comments. (I actually pulled them out yesterday to make a separate document so I can track the info better and shared the resolution info via email to Francine.) I'll check again to see if I missed anything. I am finding it so helpful to have this kind of dialogue. What a helpful community this is...or at least the portion of it into which I have happily fallen!

I'm off to check the other comments again, so I'll let you toddle off to the the Land of Nod. Thanks again, Chrissie! ;-D


Michelle, there is a distinct difference in clarity with this one. Well done! The 4:3 ratio isn't a big issue unless you want to make puzzles with the maximum number of cut pieces. Having the larger pixel sizes though means physically larger cut pieces. The frame is especially crisp. Is the centre added post the hand crafted kaleidoscoping? It seems to be lacking the same clarity as the rest but it could be my tired eyes this late at night :-)

I add the frames post processing too but I then re-size it the finished product to the original image starting size. Do you know the trick of adding to the image size by using canvas re-size? Useful if you want to add to the overall size without stretching or distorting the image. The extra width and/or height can be filled with colour, pattern, gradient etc.

A couple of days ago I left comments on some of your older puzzles re technical issues. Not sure if you've seen them :-)


Great if I could help at all, fileusa. I hope that you enjoy it ... it does get addictive!


Thank you so much for this information Puzzaddled. Now I understand. I will look up these programme/s and will try and attempt it . Probably on Saturday as i will have more time. Have to work during the week. Thank you once again.


btw, fileusa: I usually include an inset of the photo that I started with so that you can see a "before" and "after".


Hi, fileusa, welcome! Thank you very much for the compliment. I am very new at this (only been doing it for the past two weeks), but I'll explain it as I know it.

The kaleidoscope technique is taking a photo and spinning it around on it's axis several times (I do 4 turns at 90 degrees each right now), multiplying and flattening the image, changing the brightness and contrast, and then using "cookie cutters" to define a shape within the shape that is highlighted. The effect is to mimic a children's kaleidoscope toy. This is all done within computer programmes. In my case, I have Photoshop Elements 11 (which is more "beginner" type version of Photoshop). As I understand it, there are several programmes that are "automatic", where you apply a kaleidoscope feature to an existing photograph. I am doing mine the long way and am controlling each step. For me, this is part of the learning process. There are several people who would be able to answer this in more detail for you...Chrissie (foxymoron), Smor2Ditto,
RandomWorship, carthill to name but a few who do this type of manipulation regularly. Check out their puzzles to see the differences. There are many more too...they are usually published as Mosaics if you want to search for them.

The texture of the tapestry that you see in this one is a feature that comes with the programme. Kathy (pilley) uses a fair amount of texture in her puzzles (check them out) and she was the one who guided me with where to find it and how to apply it.

I also like to do embossing and highlighting different features within my puzzles. Sometimes I use a standard "cookie cutter" (used much the same way real ones are) or I cut out around a feature myself. Again, using tools within the programme. There is so much ability to change so many different values, that it is unlikely that two people would take the same photograph and end up with the same kaleidoscope afterwards. This is where your own interpretation of what you see or want to see comes in.

These are just my vision... I started by following a bit of a format re brightening and contrast and now I have discarded most of that. Within the programmes, you work in many layers (you control how many) and have the opportunity to turn on and off the layers to see what you like and don't like. It is a creative process and quite a lot of fun too!

I hope that this helped and perhaps you might have an interest at trying your hand at this game! There are free programmes online (Pixlr is one that I can remember at the moment) so it might be fun for you to play too! ;-D Michelle


Excuse me. Is this tapestry by hand, or by computer, or what? I see a lot of the word kaleido. Would either of you be so kind as to explain what this is. puzzaddled, It looks beautiful..


*blush* Thanks, Kathy. I am kinda feeling good about it too... :-)

pilley Love everything about this one.