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Get Your Geese in a Line

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This large field of corn stubble was absolutely full of Canada Geese feasting on the gleanings. This group had just waddled across the road from the marsh (where I took the Red Winged Blackbird photos) and didn't seem to have many objections to me standing there with my camera.


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They do seem quite regimental, don't they Hanne? It's so interesting to watch them practicing their vee formations in the fall too; you can see how one will lead for a bit and then drop back to let another lead. Quite an interesting bird.


I love their discipline so very much!! Thanks so very much Michelle!!


We have them year round year in Toronto, Francine; some migrate but many stay since food sources are abundant here. I suspect that this flock was migratory since I took these photos north and east of the main part of the city, where there is still a bit of farmland. *sigh* Probably won't be there for long. (We also had the nasty cold, bitter weather yesterday...where is Spring? I'm more than ready for it! I had to wear the winter parka, hood and gloves downtown yesterday...the wind tunnel effect amongst all those tall towers was brutal!)

Hi, Mimi. Glad that you are enjoying the Canada Geese (I like them too). We have a lot of issues here in the city and suburban areas with the huge numbers of resident geese; you can't walk anywhere barefoot on the grass in a lot of our urban parks (especially by the lake) since their droppings literally cover the grass. Signs are up everywhere about not feeding them. They seems to have adapted to city life very well!

What, you're home Suzy? I thought that you were still enjoying the southern weather and birds, dear girl. The migrating geese have been back for a while although with the cold weather the last couple of days, they must have wondered if they jumped the gun!

*tee hee hee* Li, you got it! Glad that you liked this one. I'm happy that I was able to handle the long lens without a tripod (it isn't an anti-shake one) and that these came out clear enough. The shadows were serendipitous...there were some large trees out by the roadway and the birds were meandering through them. I take what I can get! (Would have been a bit more of a challenge if I posted some of these as large puzzles!)


Is that sort of like getting one''s ducks in a row? I like this photo, too. Nice lighting and shadows. Clear and crisp. Thanks -- made a nice puzzle!


About time they came north!


Terrific picture! We have about 20 Canada geese that came to Louisiana several years ago and stayed. It's fun to see them all year around on our very southern pond!


It's wonderful seeing them again. Many arrived almost a month ago.
[BTW, it haled this morning! Very windy today.]