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Meara at the Parkette: #2

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Meara kept diving her face under the snow and plowing along like a little weasel. I kept trying to get a photo of it but she was just too fast for my camera. She shook all the snow off right away as soon as she came back up for air.

This time, I tried really hard to get her attention before she shook it all all off and this is her, telling me to come and join her in the fun!


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Welcome home, Jan!

Well, sweetie, that was back in mid-February you know! That's still the depths of winter, up here. Hmmm...I do hope that I can re-create the frame again...I tend to forget what I do when I'm in my clicking and creating mode. ;-D


I, too, love the frame. And, it is a great picture of her! I still can't believe that you are getting snow so late! Oh my!
Thanks so much, Michelle!


Thanks, Ardy, Meara loves the attention! I'm glad you liked the frame too...she was throwing so much snow around that I thought that I would have a personal joke when I was creating it ... and you got it! ;-D


Great set, Michelle. Meara looks really happy and wanting to play. Love the frame on this one too. I think it caught some of the snow with some frozen precip on the inner edge. LOL Thanks.


Got it in one, Laura! Her "daddy" was doing all the hard work being on the other end of that leash but she did have to tell me all about how much fun it is! LOL ;-D


Thank you, Alma Diva! She certainly thinks she is and the whole family has to agree! :-)


Great set of photos! Meara sure is having fun. She does look like she's saying, "Put down that camera and come play."


Such a cutie!