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Aerial View Toronto City Hall and Downtown (small)

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In going through some old photos, I found some that I had taken on Nov 1, 2008. My youngest son had arranged for a helicopter ride for my daughter and myself over downtown Toronto.

This is a view of dowtown Toronto showing Toronto City Hall (the two semi-circular buildings at the bottom of the photo). In front of it is Nathan Phillips Square with the reflecting pond/skating rink shown to the south (left) of the square.

(New) City Hall was designed by Finnish architect Viljo Revell; his design collaborators were Heikki Castren, Bengt Lundsten and Seppo Valjus. In 1956, Mayor Nathan Phillips and his council decided to hold an international architectural competition for the design of the proposed new City Hall. Over 500 designs from 42 countries were submitted by the deadline in April 1958. Revell's design was chosen in September 1958 and construction began in 1961. He died a year before construction was completed in 1965.


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Michelle-I have always felt part "Canadian"....spent every summer of my life, until college, in Ontario. As I got older, friends and I would take the train from Cobourg to Toronto for a day trip-would meet up with other "summer " friends, and life could never get much better. Not so sure parents today would allow such freedom with their teenagers. My friend's name was Edna....won't give her last name ( was a color)...but she was a policewoman. you know her? :)
I also looked up Maple Leaf Stadium...great minds. I think I may have been there in '65...the only thing I know for sure is I wore my blue and white checked dress with bell sleeves (lace around the edges, of course!), and I sat in the 5th row. :)
You are so right that any night out is a good night. Many times lately, I find special effects are too much. There is something to be said for keeping things simple and relying on the acting to get the point across. However, how lucky you are to have the variety of art in the area that you do!
We have talked about a trip back to Canada....wish they would have the ferry again from Rochester to Toronto. Should we put Toronto in our travel plans, I will surely let you know. (You will probably get one of those "vibes" across Lake Ontario and will know we are heading that way before I tell you!)


Suzy, how wonderful it is to be able to share memories of my home city with someone who lives in another country. I find it amazing that we've got so many common frames of reference. (Twilight zone theme again - this time re your friend who got married: she might have been a neighbour since we're from the same part of the city! Mind you, there are only half a million of us here in this part! LOL)

I looked it up and found out that they demolished that stadium in 1968 and the baseball team left the previous year. That's all housing now and I'm quite familiar with the area. (My son worked at Billy Bishop (Toronto Island) airport for a number of years and that's where the helicopter company is stationed.)

I enjoyed going out with my friend last night. Any night out on the town is a good night out, right? The production was good, in our opinion, but not great. I found that the special effects were perhaps a little too over-the-top for live theatre; I'm rather a curmudgeon when it comes to wanting movies to be movies and theatre to do what it does best. I wasn't overly fond of the additional music that Rice and A.L.W wrote...I didn't feel that it really added anything, other than giving other characters an opportunity to sing. Perhaps it was just unfortunate that the last production I saw was War Horse and it was so amazing that perhaps this one suffered by that yardstick. Still, most of the audience seemed to love it and I do appreciate the opportunity to see live productions. We have an abundance of riches when it comes to this here in the metro area so are very fortunate.

(One of these days, we're going to have to meet! It feels like we have, already.)


Michelle-What a great experience to see such a beautiful city from the air. And to fly with your son as a pilot-even more special.
I will have to check out Yonge and Bloor on line-if I recall, it was the "happening" place to be back in the 70's. The Hermits concert was at Maple Leaf Stadium-I am thinking early to mid 60's...don't even know if they were still playing baseball in the stadium at the time....but it was one great concert!
Hope you enjoy the Wizard of Oz tonight!
Thanks for the great memories of part of my childhood/teenage years:)


Hi, Suzy. It was a wonderful experience to explore our own city from the air. Our youngest son bought flights and gave them to all of us as gifts; he worked as a co-op student for the company years ago and was/is very good friends with the pilot who flew us. My husband and his older brother went up a different time. I got to sit in the front beside the pilot...way cool! (I'm not good on heights, btw, but it is different when I'm in a helicopter or I had the joy a couple of years later of sharing a ride with my husband several hours north of the city with our son as the pilot. That was fantastic!

Yonge and Bloor is the major crossroad intersection that is considered to be the dividing line between downtown and mid-town. There have been a lot of changes there over the years - you'll have to google map it and take a "virtual" walk to see if you recognize any sights! I'm hoping to get out and about when spring has sprung its colours and see if I can get some decent photos to post.

Herman's Hermits...way cool! I can still remember singing Henry the 8th when I was young...lots of fun on family drives. Did you see them at Maple Leaf Stadium (defunct baseball team - outdoors) down near the waterfront? It was demolished in the late 60's, I think. Maple Leaf Gardens (hockey -indoors) has now been converted to shopping and an athletic centre for Ryerson University. (The Leafs have moved to the Air Canada Centre.)

Sadly, all the restaurants in the (Ed) Mirvish empire have gone. I remember going to Ed's Warehouse too, a number of times, with my husband. The food was okay but the ambiance was over-the-top experience. The theatres are still extant and, oddly enough, I'm going to the Ed Mirvish Theatre tonight with a friend of mine to see the Wizard of Oz.


Indeed very interesting buildings!! Thanks so very much Michelle!


What a great shot, puzz! To think you were on a helicopter ride when you took this-what an awesome adventure for you!
The last time I was in Toronto was in the mid '70's for a friend's wedding (she was from Scarborough). Spent some time exploring Younge (and....Bloor???) with a friend who came with me to the wedding.
Also have memories of seeing Herman's Hermits at Maple Leaf Stadium in the 60's. While I was at the concert, my parents went to dinner at Ed's it still a good restaurant?


Well, hello, Dave. (Funnily enough, my husband used to do a lot of work in Bell Asquith back in the 80's. Small world, isn't it?) I can barely remember the whole controversy surrounding the building of new city hall since I was quite young at the time but I remember that our teachers spent time talking about it and showing us pictures, etc. Thanks for your nice comments and glad to meet you! Michelle


I worked in the telephone building on Asquith ave. and watched them build the city hall. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. Lovely photo, thanks.