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Merry Christmas To All On Jigidi! (Smaller)

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Thanks, whatnauts, Ank, and daeg! I'm so glad the hearts were a hit--again, necessity was the mother of invention! I'm not good at drawing freehand, so I rely on the shapes Paint provides. I was going to use a narrow oval, but then I realized that flames sometimes look as if they're curving up and into the wick at the bottom, so I decided that upside down hearts would work. And then I realized what a nice symbol that added, so I was glad I couldn't draw! LOL!


Nice Puzzle.....Merry Christmas


Lovely Pat, love the little hearts. Have a great day and don't work too hard, it's Christmasday.


Merry Christmas PD and other Jigidians!!
The heart flames are adorable. I just stopped in to check comments and bookmark a few puzzles. And now I'm off to continue with the festivities. See ya.


Thanks, Katie, Lela, Ardy, Judy, Jan, and PJ--and I have to make that a double thanks to Jan, whose puzzles with the candles whose flames were different colors is what inspired this one! Hope you don't mind my stealing your idea, but I loved it! :-)))

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I apologize for not popping around to other puzzles yet--just posted mine and immediately started the day's cooking, etc., and now I have a few minutes before I have to continue. But I will get around to you all eventually! Merry Christmas!


Very enjoyable puzzle.


What a fun puzzle. The little heart flames really make it! Thanks so much, Pat!


Pat, what a wonderful Christmas morning puzzle! I loved the colors, the composition, and also the heart flames. Thanks so much for sharing the joy and please have a wonderful day.


Some more love and light for a wonderful day. Hope it is for you and yours including Maggie & Cassie & Beau. Thank you, Pat. So many beauties today.


Merry Christmas, once again!.....


Merry Christmas! I agree with Francine - this is a fun puzzle. I love the heart flames. Thanks Pat!


Thanks, Francine--the early Jigidier catches the leaderboard! (Not as memorable as the one about the bird and the worm......)! Merry Christmas to you, too--now enjoy the rest of your breakfast! :-)))


Merry Christmas, Pat.
[I was the first to solve and be in 1st spot!!!! That's a first. Interrupted my breakfast coffee in order to solve this fun one.]