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Meara as puppy: CHOMP!

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Thank you, mhughes69! At 8 years old now, she still has those liquid eyes that she uses to such good effect to get loving attention from people. While it is a bit of forced perspective due to the camera angle, you can see this in


Awww, what a little cutie! Such a darling face! And, those eyes!


Hi, Jan...
Cute but a little beggar with her teeth! We despaired of EVER getting her to stop the biting...tried everything in all the books. (My daughter's and my long hair was fair game...we have a couple of action shots of the results of her pulling on my daughter's very long braid. A ROTFL moment!) Nothing but time worked. However, it should be noted that we took her home at 7 weeks...she needed surgery at 8 weeks. From all accounts that I've read, they really need the extra two weeks to learn gentle mouth behaviour from their litter mates. She's now very gentle and won't bite people at all...and has always been very sweet towards little creatures (including babies). Except stuffed toys...she used to love them all and take care of them very well. Now biting behaviour has been transferred to stuffed toys and cardboard...go figure!


Maggie has always been very careful of our skin.....even taking treats carefully from our hands. But, her stuffed toys and magazines have always been fair game! Aren't they a delight - - puppies I mean. And Meara was sure a cutie!!


My daughter's dog favorite chew toy was my fingers. I also agree Owww!


Toes...her favourite chew toy when a pup. Owwww!