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Kaleidoscope ... maybe?

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Still playing around with the toy...

Deliberately tried to get away from orange this time so started with a photo of a yellow rose that I took some time ago.

I've overdone it with effects but it's all a learning curve right now.

( asked for it!)


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Yeah, Jan, I could see that with all the blue-green tones and the giant sea anemone in the centre. I wasn't super thrilled with this...I went a little too far with the effects but it taught me something, so it's all good!


It feels more "underwaterish" to me! :D


Funny?? Moi? Say it isn't so...


Love it, Michelle!

And the comments are funny, too!


I just started learning playing! (I keep meaning to do the tutorials but I haven't got around to it yet. I looked a two videos on YouTube for older versions of photoshop and then had to play around to see if I could figure out how to do what the guys said to do. Oh well, like I said before, it will be a learning curve.

You just have to go for the gusto, Monica. Edit/Undo is a favourite key stroke! LOL


Wow Michelle! You did this? I'm so very impressed! I wish I knew how to work photoshop! Maybe I can get my son to teach me, then we all can compete with each other! Nice work Michelle, very nice!


This is a really cool effect. So pretty, Michelle.


Lordy, kids, if I could get as good as yous guys!...


Good software, Michelle. We use Elements 9. I recall using Elements 1 back in the mists of time :-)


Hi, Chrissie! It's the Photoshop Elements 11 so I don't know what I'm getting into here. I remember we used to have a version of Photoshop aeons ago (back before the turn of the millenium?). However, being a full member of the paid workforce at the time, I never really got a chance to play with it much and when that computer died, so did the software. ('Twas too old to load onto newer platforms...) We'll see how it plays with me. ;-D

(Yes, I guess we all have a certain fondness for the "bad" boy in class, don't we? LOL)


You are having fun with your new toy! Is this Photoshop CS6 that you are using? We're going to enjoy following your learning curve, Michelle. Don't mind PG's waffling... he's knows he's outnumbered and outgunned (him being only a mere bloke) but he does try, bless his heart :-)


Thanks PG (do you even have a "real person" name?)! I'm a little underwhelmed...overblinded by these myself. Just trying to get the feel for playing with the software... (I would really like a good camera and to be able to capture the world as I see it. This is all a game...)

Francine, of COURSE, you belong in first spot! ;-D )))) :*


Michelle, I never am in first spot - I don't belong there. It was fun for a minute.


Another one that is trying to make me go blind. OK I can take it give it your best Photoshop. Nice one Michelle.


I'm glad you liked it Francine! I am sorry to have toppled you off the leader board but I cheated...I knew what it was supposed to look like. I think that I'll be playing with a bunch of different styles until I can find what I like. This is for fun but I really want to be able to take really good photographs and perhaps manipulate them a bit to enhance them. Thanks for all your encouragement! *hugs*


Michelle - :) Wonderful. And I'm privileged to be the fastest/first person to solve it. You're on a roll, dear friend. It also was fun and colourful. Also like your signature in corner. (2:48)