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The Red House, Rococo Gardens, Painswick.

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Thanks dkpeete. I have seen pictures of the room set out for a wedding, but it would have to be a small scale affair, as the 2 rooms are really quite small! I suppose for something very different, it would be perfect, and the grounds are lovely for photographs after the ceremony.


This looks so old. I can't imagine having a wedding here. The architecture is lovely though.


Thanks Pat, glad you like the size too.


Nice size thanks Lorna..Hugs


Thanks Ank, but don't worry - I know you prefer the smaller puzzles.

hvnbnd, no, it was originally built as part of the pleasure grounds for Painswick House, used for entertaining, and parties. Now a trust looks after the gardens, and apparently this Red House is a popular venue for civil wedding ceremomies. It overlooks the gardens and consists of only 2 small rooms. I have posted a photo of one of the windows of this building, with another to come!

I love this house - do people live there?


It looks nice Lorna, but as always I'm running, i's to big for me.


Somehow I thought you would!


I like the larger size!