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Glasses 800 - a completely synthetic, computer generated still life

63 pieces
70 solves
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This image was created by Gilles Tran with POV-Ray 3.6 using Radiosity. The glasses, ashtray and pitcher were modeled with Rhino and the dice with Cinema 4D.


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Thanks for comments. I am as lost at this computer generation of graphics as any of you! I am amazed by it, for sure.

Toto, Priorities! I'll drink to that!


I agree with Toto, but this is an amazing composition! I've played with trying to draw and/or paint glass, and it presents enough unique challenge that I am really fascinated by this! Someone did get to the glass of wine on the right, though. Maybe Giles had a rough time making it all come out all right!
This is really fascinating stuff! I wish I knew enough to understand how to work with it!


Great composition and sheen, but all in all, you can't drink the wine when you're finished. Priorities please!


Well oddio I don't understand a word you're saying, so I looked up Rhino, POV etc. What a mistake THAT was! I guess you're telling us that nothing in this puzzle is real? A fun puzzle to solve and a chuckle at all the technical jargon, I still think the earth is flat! Thanks.