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Geese landing in Lincoln

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As we neared Lincoln, I saw hundreds of Canada Geese in a huge Vee formation. As we got closer the Vee broke up and they slowly turned. I snapped the picture just before they started dropping out of sight, probably into a large lake.


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Very good picture! Thanks JC. If I use my imagination a bit I can hear them honking.


I just saw many geese yesterday next to a pond which was only half frozen. I posted one of them as a puzzle yesterday. They are beautiful creatures.


The geese are on one of the major flyways headed south out of Canada. Right before Christmas, there were over 300,000 geese resting at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is right next to I-29 about 115 miles north of Kansas City. If anyone gets a chance next winter, it is well worth a day trip to go see.


I never thought of that, photogent. I'll keep the window closed from now on! LOL!


You were lucky they did not fly over your car or there would be a lot of cleaning to do.


We saw dozens of flocks north of Kansas City, as the Interstate ran close to the Missouri River. I don't know if they winter over there or just taking a rest. This was the largest flock, taken about 4 pm on Christmas Eve.


"Lead Goose, this is Lincoln Air Traffic Control speaking. What is your height and position? Over "

"Lead Goose here - I'm 18 inches tall and at the front of the Vee - over"

Good shot, JC :-)


I don't think I have ever seen a flock that big of geese.