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A Message from Muffin

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(I miss her brother too)

Thank you snooker.

All the best to you muffin.


I miss Muffin too. I think of her every time I see one of those cute snow... people. Via con Dios!


Thank you snooker, Muffin will be missed and I hope she will miss us enough to come back once in awhile. Take care Muffin. Hugs.


And I 'm very very late, but I want to say the same as Robbie. Thanks Pat.


Sorry I am late snooker. If you converse again please pass on my best wishes to BBM and a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for the info, she and her puzzles will be missed.


Have passed on all your messages to muffin. Thanks for the great comments. I know she appreciates them.


Ciao bbm. Gonna miss your "from the heart" comments.


Thank you snooker for passing on this message, all the very best Muffin and you will be missed, Take Care.


So sorry to hear that Muffin will not be on any more. God bless her!


Gosh will miss her sense of humor. Thanks for letting us know.


Oh Muffin, you will surely be missed. Thank you for all the fun you brought into our Jigidi lives. God bless and keep you!

Thanks Snooker for passing along the message.


We'll miss you enormously Muffin... You've been a real treasure on Jigidi.... :) :)


I'm not too shy to ask~~~can it be told what has happened? I have missed her, and besides that I have missed her silly hats~~she always made me think of Hedda Hopper. I, too, hope she comes back............


Thanks for passing along Muffie's message, Snooker. The OF is having a reprieve :-)


Thank you, snooker. I hope the new year is full of good things for muffin. She brought us all much laughter, and is missed greatly.


nice of you snooker


Thank you, snooker. I had asked Francine some time ago about Muffin's absence as we tend to get a little concerned when someone "disappears". Wishing Muffin all the best and hoping the "won't" will change to "will" in a little while. :D


We will miss you muffin, especially when the triad is all present. You gave me many good laughs! Enjoy your holidays as well.


Sniff. Will miss Muffin and all the fun her puzzles got us into. Good to know "life is good". Snooker, you are a good friend. Thanks for the message.


Thanks for sharing muffin's message here snooker. Please let her know that she gave me much joy and I send hope for much happiness to her.


Thank you,Snooker, for conveying this message. And thank you, Muffin, for letting us know that you are OK. Thank you for your puzzles and comments and all the laughter you engendered within us.


Thank you, Snooker, for passing along the message.

We'll miss you, Muffin, but wish you all happiness always!!!


Pat, thanks for passing on Muffin's message. Yes, had noticed her absence and have missed her puzzles. All the best to her.


Sorry to hear but glad all is fine and hope only the best for her.


Thanks for passing this message on, snooker! I wish muffin all the best and she'll be missed by all her jigidi friends! Please pass on my regards.


Thanks for posting, snooker. That's to bad that muffin won't be back on jigidi. Please give her my best!


"Greetings! As you may have noticed, I have not been on Jigidi lately but I just wanted to let you all know that I'm fine and life is good. I won't be back on Jigidi but want to thank you for all the laughs over the past year and a half and to wish each of you a peaceful and stress-free holiday season."