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Darcy blowing a raspberry?

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Well, he's sticking out his tongue at something!


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Hmmm. Two pictures with tongues sticking out? I wonder where my mind was this morning? However, it's just so much fun to capture such moments, isn't it Mary?


That is so sweet,thank you Puzzaddled


Thanks, Jan. He's the most photogenic of our little pack.

When I was a teenager, we had a male Sheltie who was even more so. You just could not take a bad picture of Sandy: as soon as he even glimpsed a camera, he'd deliberately pose. Smart little blighter but it meant that you could never get any of these cute or funny shots. He always looked majestic and regal.

You've got time to go yet, Francine! Some days it just doesn't work out for us either. If they're in one of their fey moods...good luck! I am looking foward to seeing wee Pepper!


He's slightly over 9-1/2 yrs and until Labour Day weekend he was still moving with the energy of a pup. Exuberance, joy.
...My intent was to post a puzzle of the white tree (with all the aqua/silver ornaments) with our Pepper being the focus. There's still time for me to try, for the third time.


Sorry, I had to interrupt this comment to throw the jack for Maggie. She hates it when I am on the computer for what she thinks is too long! This is a darling photo of Darcy! Love it!


Oh, the poor baby! (My heart goes out to you.) He still has the energy and want to get-up-and-go, doesn't he? I've forgotten if I asked before but how old is he?

You're so talented, Francine, that you could probably photoshop him at the tree (or even on it? He'd be an adorable decoration!).

I will admit that it usually takes two of us to photograph the dogs and when we do all three at once, it sometimes takes more Wranglers. (caps since jigidi doesn't do quotes)


He fell this morning while rushing to front door after hearing door bell. He's still able to walk. Saw vet this week. This will probably be the best Pepper can ever become.
..We tried photographing him around our Christmas tree. Impossible to get him to stop moving. Giving him a rawhide didn't help as he proceeded to take it from tree area and then moved to another area. Oh well.


Thanks,Francine. He always mugs so it's easy to take photos of him. Can't wait to see what we're doing for this year!

How's Pepper baby doing?


Good photo..:)


Darcy (he's the boy in front) and Meara (his older but much smaller sister behind him) and their momma, Bonnie, will probably be spoiled rotten! Unfortunately, Darcy and Bonnie aren't allowed many treats (due to digestive problems) but what they can have, they will get! Plus toys, plus tons of love and attention. They love Christmas: the tree, the music and people (especially the kids) visiting. They're just like kids themselves on Christmas joyful and so funny to see!

Thank you Meggiemoo! Hope that you and yours have a wonderful Christmas too.


Hope Darcy and her friend have a happy Christmas and they get plenty of treats!