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Rodborough Common, Gloucestershire

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I wish Jan! No, this is National Trust land, and a popular dog walking area. Yes, that is my greyhound girl in the photo mooching about. She is ok off the lead up there, unlike George, as she has a reasonable recall, and behaves around other dogs! The common is where the dog walkers tree is located, and I have posted several views from the common too.


Beautiful view! Is that one of your greyhounds in the photo? Is this the area that you rent for your dog?


I agree Ank, thank you.


Wow what a great view Lorna, and that sky. Very very beautiful


I hope you have happy memories of the common scouser! I imagine the views have changed a bit since you were last there, if not the common itself.

Goodness - haven't been up there for 52 years, not since I was 16. Thank you goingsilver.