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Bird Of Colour

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Had fun experimenting with this one this evening. The broken and irregular lines added interest to it I thought. I could have cleaned it up, but chose to leave the irregularities.


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Janine, this one has to be among one of my favorites that I have created. Glad that you enjoyed and liked it too!!!!!!! Thank you for doing it and letting me know your thoughts :-))))))))


Lolacynch, thank you for doing the puzzle and for leaving a wonderful comment :-)))))))

I love it just the way it is Kathy.......beautiful and the colors, just WOW !! Janine.

You were so right to leave the irregular lines, they made the puzzle a lot more fun to do, and they do add character and beauty to the picture. Thanks for creating the puzzle. :)


Rosie, so glad to know that you found the irregularities interesting. Normally I would not have done a puzzle this way, but it just seemed to lend character to this particular one. Very glad that it caught your eye and that you enjoyed it too!!!!!


First one I see when I sign onto Jigidi. It just popped off the page. Absolute beauty. I like the broken and irregular lines. They add to the beauty. I like all of the others too but this one stood out. Thanks.