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WEEKLY THEME : HORSES - Carousel horses

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A hand made kaleidoscope from a photograph I took of carousel horses at Seaport Village, San Diego.


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We have barely had any winter at all. It was 80*F for two weeks in January and February has had 2 freezing nights only. Did finally have a little rain last week. Days have been warm and sunny. December had 2 freezing nights, enough to get my bougainvillea and heather, but they will come back. Have only had the blankets on the horses a half dozen times or so. Odd, but very enjoyable. Of course, the fleas and flies will be worse this year with no weather to kill them. Computer lab is nice for subbing because the kids rotate in and out every 45 minutes and they enjoy computer class, so there is little discipline problem there. Enjoy your summer/fall. Hugs.


Sorry to hear you've not been well, Sue but pleased you're almost better. So much for retirement! The computer lab would be a good place to sub? The ends will meet no doubt :-)
Odd in what respect? Not as cold, not as wet? Summer here has been as usual... hot! Today is very pleasant though - only around 80° and cloudy.


Been pretty sick, but about all better now. Subbing nearly every day in the computer lab at my old school, trying to be sure the "ends meet", LOL. Glorious weather here lately, oddest winter we've had that I can remember.


Thanks, Sue. Yes, we're well and happy as usual :-) A tad hot today - 38° by lunchtime. Roll on autumn! How are you keeping?


Nice puzzle, Chrissie. Hope y'all are well and happy.


In a spin, loving the mood you're in? :-))


Wheeeeeee! And around and around and around I go!


Know what you mean by the get up and go. Mine went around lunch time :-)
Thanks for posting the soup. I trust you sent it in a sealed jar? Don't want the postie to spill it :-)


My get-up and go has got-up and gone. I finished the soup and posted it for you.


Dear PG, would it help if I told you to giddy-up?


Too slow on this one foxness.


They surely are, LJ. I was surprised to find the carousel there. It's an historic one - the horses were carved in 1895. At two dollars a ride it is quite a ride LOL.


And you feel like you're going round in circles too, Suzy? LOL... just kidding. Thanks :-)


Most unique. These are carousel hourses, you say? Wow, what a ride!


I am enjoying the carousel ride, foxy. The lights are sparkling and horses are going up and down.


Now you mention it, it would make a snazzy buckle! Your consequential thought process is fascinating to behold :-) Thanks, whattie.


Thanks, Shirley. Isn't it a blow when we find we mucked up! Never mind - all part of the learning process and we can be sure we won't make the same mistake twice... mostly :-)


LOL... thanks, K!


The centre part could be a belt buckle. I guess the thought of horses leads me to cowboys even tho these are of the carousel type!! Thanks much.


You have created this one with precision Chrissie, the lights are just perfectly placed, love it, Thanks so much Chrissie.:):)
I must share my horse kaleido disaster with you, I had finished it and was feeling quite proud of my achievement, then having a closer look, to my horror instead of the horses being in pairs, there was one single horse, so you guessed it, delete and start again, Maybe I should face them all the one way!


Well, if that ain't the bees knees! A hand-made kaleido, made from your own photograph, of nothing less than carousel horses when horses are this weeks theme!! I would say that ticks ALL the boxes!! Thanks Chrissie!! :)))


Thanks, Speedy Gonzales Patti :-)


Very cool! Thanks, Foxy!