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Isn't Family Friendly So Nice?

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My vote would go to allowing this type of picture, but I know opinions don't matter, so I will just continue to ignore any I may find offensive and work the ones I want to. It has worked so far. I love this picture, it hangs over my bed and is similar to another one I have that my grandmother gave me many,many years ago, so they have special meaning.


Only the creator has the option of marking a puzzle "may offend"--as a solver, you can only choose to filter those that have been so marked; you have no control over whether or not a puzzle is selected for filtering unless you report one that isn't marked, and Jigidi agrees that it should be. According to Jigidi, among the puzzles to be considered as "may offend" and thus in need of filtering are those with nudes, and those with political and religious proselytizing.

Had this hanging above my bed when I was a child and had one for my daughter too
It is sooooo lovely
thanks for the memory

I'm with ya on that!! Lovely thots!! Happy New Year!!


I knew the creator had the option of hiding potentially offensive - didn't know I as a VIEWER did as well. Never really went through all the instructions. Guess I should, huh? :)


unfortunately not every one will ever cooperate that is why they have the option to adjust the settings so they wont see the ones marked may offend