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She's in her party hat and waiting for her first birthday treat to come her way. 14 and still beautiful!


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Thank you ever so much, jojosmom! She was happy to just relax and enjoy her day (with a few more little treats thrown in for good measure). We hope that she is with us a while yet, too!


May I also send Happy Birthday wishes to the beautiful birthday girl? She is so lovely, and I sincerely wish her (and you, too) many, many more wonderful birthdays to enjoy. Sherry


Thank you so much, Libby! You know how wonderful it is to adopt a dog who needs you; the bond is so special! I have been thrilled to read about you and Callie Lou's big adventure. What joy we have in our lives with these special little friends!


My what a festive occasion!!! Love the hat, love the expression, LOVE that she has made it to 14!!! My prayer will be for you all to experience more joyous celebrations together!!! ;-)))


I'll pass along your message, Sandy! (I hope that I look that good at that age, LOL!) Thank you.


Happy Birthday, Bonnie! You're looking great!


Bonnie thanks you all for her birthday wishes. She loves all the attention!

Ank, Micky looks so cute on her boat. ( A little bit of fruit is ok, right?) Is today her birthday too?

No, I didn't have a matching hat, Kathy. I guess I better make one up for me today, too, eh? I won't look as cute though! LOL

Chrissie, she is just so sweet and loving, it's incredible. She certainly belies that old expression of not being able to teach an old dog new tricks. She teaches us all the time. What a great girl!

Actually, Francine, that's her "au naturel", her beauty is all her own. I didn't get a chance to give her a good brushing. She's got a dandruff issue at the moment what with not being able to have much fat in her diet. Time for another go round of the oatmeal shampoo and conditioners. Thanks for caring about her so much! (Still have to get a pix of her in her pink Pawks!)

From your lips, Sandy! We hope that she still stays with us for a while too. She certainly has me wrapped around her little paw!

wolflady (forgive me but I have forgotten your name...but not your state! My sister-in-law lived in Bloomington/Normal for six years a while back.) We think that she has a sweet face too, but we might be partial! We hope that she has more parties too! didn't answer when I asked when Maggie's was...I had the oddest feeling that it was the same day. There is some strange connection happening here...(hearing Twilight Zone theme yet?). Have Maggie check her email ... I think that Bonnie sent something. After all, isn't Bonnie her adopted Mama? Whole loads of loving heading Maggie's way too. ('re teasing poor Bonnie...she's not allowed them anymore. Enjoy it well, Maggie!)

Thanks, Faye. You always come by and give us support! Bonnie really appreciates the compliment. (And yes, I'm reading them all off to her...she IS a Border Collie. LOL.)

Francine... ;-D


Happy birthday to Maggie - hugs for her also :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY you beautiful girl! :)))


Bonnie looks lovely in her birthday hat! Bring on the goodies! I send hugs and belly rubs!

Michelle - today is Maggie's birthday, too! But, she didn't get a celebration at all. I wonder if all "split faces have January 10 as their birthday! Anyway, she is sitting here right now eating her "Greenie!" She sends love to Bonnie, too!


The birthday girl has the sweetest face...Many, many more parties for you..Happy Birthday!


Aw, bless her heart. I hope she's around for many more years. Happy Birthday Bonnie!


I can see she had a good combing before her photo shoot :)
She's beautiful. Thanks Michelle. (1:41)


Bonnie has the sweetest gentle expression :-) She's patiently waiting her treat for being gussied up in her finery!


I do hope you had a matching hat, happy birthday Bonnie....


What a coincidence. This is really funny. Look at my page what I've posted today.
Bonnie I'm sure you had a beautiful day. You are not young anymore but I hope you will have a few more happy Birthdays.
Michelle this is so funny I also posted Micky's first Birthday.