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Here we go again!

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All day long!


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sigh........Pat. I guess we're in the same boat.......hope it doesn't sink! :)


I sure know that feeling


Thank you everyone. True, I wouldn't want to be in the west right now. I guess we just have to take what we got and think how it could be worse. God knows what he's doing, we just need to learn to deal with what he gives us and wait for things to get better. And, so I wait.... :)


Thanks for giving us perspective, Rosie. Good description of desert living. Yes, with that in mind, rain is a good thing. But it would be nice to have it in some moderation! Thanks for the shot, Lyndee.


I would rather have all the rain we've been having then live in Arizona again and have ice cream melt to milk on the 6 block drive home from the grocery store or have to have a hot pad holder on your metal door knob on your house in order to turn it and open your door or have your car exterior paint job fade from red to dusty rose color in one 3 month summer period. No thanks ever again to desert living---you can never enjoy the outdoors in that 120 degree heat not even in a swimming pool.


There is no justice or fairness to who gets rain and who doesn't.

I think I recall an adage from the past -- "If it doesn't rain, it pours." I think I better understand that now, than when I was very young.


But Noah had a boat. lol Lyndee, did the same thing here in central WI. All this rain we keep getting is make me want to run away. =P


A little flood never hurt anyone ask Noah.


Stay out of Death Valley. In the 120 range there.


Thank you everyone for putting up with all my whining! LOL Looks like a couple of nice days and then three more days of rain.......Arizonas's looking better and better all the time!


looks a bit like here...poured most of yesterday. Please Fedex sunshine (though today was beautiful and tomorrow is supposed to be warm)


Take the rain, snooker! PLEASE! ! !!


I noah that's not a good thing, sorry lyndee.


Oh No . . .
Not more rain..


Dallas is 508 driving miles north of us but no doubt still hot.


Sorry Snooker. Today's high here was only 70 degrees. I have a son-in-law who is working in the Dallas area this week and he said it is really hot down there.


That looks so nice! 104 today and tomorrow.