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Elsa Andersons Konditori, Norberg, Sweden.

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While we are here we take a look around to see the old antiquities that are collected here. This is an old stove with a collection of fine copparthings in front.


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I agree totally, tangarine, thanks so very much!!

I love the warmth that the different woods give this home. It looks really welcoming! :-)


It's such a pleasure to read what you write, thanks so very much for your detailled comment, Jo!!


What a welcoming place!! The beauty of the decorations, from the scroll work around the walls, (like a frame for the picture in the center of it), to the "pocket" door, (that seperates the room on the right), to the folding door (into the "sun" room), that beautiful tile work , (on the stove wall), the handmade doiley,.....I could go on and on!!! Thankyou both for sharing this place with us, it is almost, as good as being there in person!! :) :)


Oh yes, you are right!! It's a churn, a good old one!! Thanks so very much, Ardy!!


It was some poor scullery maid that had to keep that copper all shiny. Isn't that a churn in the corner beside the stove? Thanks, Hanne, for sharing this delightful place.