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The chicks also have more room to explore

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Thanks for your nice comment Rosie, appreciate it :-)))


No, you're not nuts, just a very compassionate and good Mom. This is probably heaven to those little chicks. Chasing each other, climbing on the stumps and digging in the dirt for bugs. What a great place for them to spend their time. Thanks for all you do and especially for sharing it with us.


Thanks Barb, I really enjoy doing things like this. Much better than housework. Being handy has come in very useful around here because I can build and make a lot of things for the menagerie :-))

Well I don't know if I'd go that far Jan, but they do seem to enjoy a change in environment from time to time :-))

Thanks Nicky, when people take chicks home I tell them all about the mash they get in the morning and how they love oatmeal with peas. They probably think I'm nuts, and they're right. lol


What a lovely environment, Edie. Lucky chickens!


Who knew chickens had such personality! thanks, Edie!


You're such a good momma, Edie ... have I mentioned that before? LOL! Seriously, you do take great care of your menagerie and I'm really impressed at the hard work. Thanks for this set of pics today and all the pics you've posted. :-)


Thanks Ardy and Sally. This is the entire old rabbit run. At the far end is where the parrot cage sits. I put in shelves and used it for both rabbits. At this end there's a board which used to have the rabbits second hutch on top. That's what I've now taken out and am using for the quail. The incubator chicks are locked in the parrot cage at night. I had them blocked off into just that end of the run. Now I've opened it up so they can use the whole thing. They love the extra room and chasing each other around the stumps and getting up on them.


:) :)))) Lucky chickens... This is so attractive.... Blends right in to the surroundings... Other than hard work, you are living a mini paradise... Thanks again and again, Edie for the pics and the stories... Your titles are pretty durn clever too.... :) :)))))


Are these the incubator chicks? You are so good to your animals and provide so much for their comfort. Thanks, Edie. I do admire you and all you do.