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Wherever the GPS leads you

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This is my brother's photo and title.

by its_BillyBob


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Thanks BillyBob. I think you are a great photographer. Ank


Hi Puzzeljac
When I signed up I wanted BillyBob but it was taken so I went for next best. Take care.


That's the way I drive too. I have a lot of maps in my car. A normal Dutch map, but a lot of real detail maps, I love to use them. Pat I saw a profill Billybob, he did not post puzzles and has not been online since Dec 28.


That sounds like our van, Suzy. Right down to where the Atlas is kept.


Oddman-That is what we have as well. Our atlas (which is crammed between the passenger seat and console) is highlighted, well notated with where to stop/not to stop...mileage...interesting places...and other facts of miscellany. We also have a vast number of state road maps in the pockets behind our seats. Amazing how one does not get lost using real maps! :)


Excellent record, Snooker!


We don't have GPS either. I am the navigator and only got us lost once in 26 years. The map was wrong.


I had GPS but the shots the doctor gimme cleared it up real fast.

(No, I do not have GPS. I have a five-yr-old atlas in that pocket on the back of the driver's seat. And a drawer full of memories neatly folded back up on the original creases.)


Oddio....not to get personal, but do you have a GPS? (we do not....enjoy the look and feel of real maps).


Let's turn off the GPS and just go wherever... We can use the GPS to get back home!

Neat photo. I like those clouds, BillyBob.


Take a right, dear.


Thanks for the comments Sally, Ank, Mimi and Jan. As he has a profile on Jigidi I think he is reading all the comments. Just not inclined to say much I guess. :)


Great perspective on this great picture! Thanks so much, Snooker!


Great picture Snooker. I hope your brother knows what a devoted fan club he has!


A very beautiful photo. The optical illusions is fantastic.


Great perspective.... Looks like the infinity pool concept.... The view goes on forever... Thanks for posting these treats.... :) :)


The road must have turned, Gladstone, chookies and Maria, as my brother didn't end up in the lake. :) He did make it to Lake Louise to meet us.
Thank you, lj, from both of us.
Canada is beautiful, Jack.


looks a nice place snooker!


The sky looks like it's brooding. Nice shot, snooker's brother!


Surfing we will go.... surfing we will go.... hope the road goes around the corner!


I hope it's not leading him into the sea!!!


You hope the road turns after go over the hill.