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Blue Jay Ornament Kaleidoscope for Chrissie

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Once I did the rotations and brightness adjustments to the kaleido of the inset ornament, the pattern that emerged looked outer-worldly to me so I adjusted the values to reflect that and took it a somewhat logical conclusion...

Mind you, it's all in the eye and mind of the beholder. My husband sees synchronized swimmers in the water...four dark heads on the outside with arms outstretched...once he pointed it out to me, I saw it too.

Both outer frames are art glass.

This is one of the first set of my larger sized ones, Chrissie, as discussed. Still working in a 1:1 ratio here, though. I decided to jump it up the line so you could see it and let me know what you think about this adjustment.


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De nada, amiga :-) No hay termino del cielo!

We've been flat out today so I haven't seen your doggie pictures as yet. About to post and then I'll check your new ones. So much to do, so little time.... ! GG :-)


Loads of fun, oh great guru! Or was that great Gazoo? hmmmm You said the dreaded orange word, you foxy lady!

I took the lesson to heart and used it to post pix of the dogs in my other profile to see the results with a straight photo. It was much clearer. Yup, all part of a learning curve. You'll see some older ones coming out in the next couple of days since they were already in the Jigidi holding bin. All my newer will be the larger format, though. Now, wonder what's next on the agenda...

Muchas gracias, my friend!


It does make a difference having the larger sized source image. Well done! This little bewdy is a lot clearer than the others you've posted. Not that the others were not good, I hasten to add... this is simply better :-) Thanks for making it especially for me, my little ray of Orange Sunshine :-)

The ratio is not a crucial factor unless you want to jig to 540 pieces. The document size and the resolution are the keys to having clear images and pieces big enough to see when you jig to 540. We stick with 72 dpi and a minimum of 2000 pixels regardless of the ratio. I still make square images and start with maybe 4000 px square and reduce the size to 2000 px square for posting. That way the elements are still crisply defined and the cut pieces a comfortable size. All part of the learning curve. I recall my first efforts were 800 x 600 and the colours were blotchy and the details fuzzy when posted. Much better these days! Keep plugging away. You're learning and the best thing is you're having fun doing it.


Well, thank you wilddog, what a lovely thing to say! I don't always know where my mind is going when I start out and the colour sometimes just happens, without my foreknowledge. I must confess that I really love the blues and greens too. However, I have so many orange puzzles out there that my other Jigidi friends who have been trying to get me on the orange bandwagon just laugh! I guess it serves me right for saying that it is not my favourite colour...although I have met many oranges I like out in real life. LOL


I've become a fan of your kaleidoscope puzzles. They are beautiful especially the blues and greens. Thank you for your hard work and talent.


Hmmmmm, I suppose as a secondary colour(s) I would say greens and pinks, perhaps purples. :-))
I was pleased with the kaleido and happy that Ardy liked it too. Thanks, Michelle. :-)


btw - that kaleido you made for Ardy is gorgeous!


Too many wonderful ones to choose as just a single favourite, Barb,but I do favour blues and greens (water and forest). I'm not an orange person (those there are those here on Jigidi who are trying to convert me ... I see you peeking, Jan!) except when it's outside in nature or if I am eating it as a fruit or veggie. I don't wear it, generally, unless a pale peach colour.

So, Barb, what's a secondary colour that you happen to like? *hint*


Funnily enough, my favourite colour is blue - not because of the Blue Jays or the Maple Laughs, but I've always loved blue since I was very young.
I didn't go out on Yonge St to celebrate any of the victories but a couple of my friends did. We're all close to Yonge & Eglinton and my friends said that by and large people were very well behaved.
Do you have a favourite colour, Michelle? :-)


and I'm Michelle. Yup, it was the most fun driving up Yonge Street in the impromtu parade after the game. Phantom was on and when we passed Pantages, all the well dressed folks were leaving. You should have seen the number of penguin suited men stepping back just out of their wives vision and surreptitiously giving all us all the high-five! LOL It was the funniest thing! Rats, wish we could be in the running was so much fun! Hubby thinks that with this year's changes...hope is springing eternal!

Well, what are your favourite colours Barb? I guess I'm going to have to create something for another hometown girl!


So nice to meet another Torontonian!!! I watched the game on TV, and what an exciting game it was! And then winning back to back World Series, nothing could beat that! By the way, I'm Barb. :-)


Thanks, Lesley...I am glad that you like them and are so supportive of my efforts! ;-D


Lovely colours, Michelle.


ME TOO, tigress!!! I was there when we won our first AL east title over Baltimore! Let's go, Blue Jays...Let's play ball! lol

I'm glad that you like the design, too!


Fascinating design, and I too can see those synchronized swimmers!
I live in Toronto where our baseball team is the Toronto Blue Jays so you know I have to like this. :-))