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Dancing :)) II

110 pieces
172 solves
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Hi Hanne we have been writing at the same time :)), I more than once forget to hit the post comment button and wonder where my comments have gone to. LOL
Thanks for coming again and I like your description of the scene I can imagine it perfectly well. :))


That was what I also thought when I saw the outcome of this painting. I looked just like the courting dance of some birds like your wild turkeys and it made me smile. Thanks for dropping by. :))


Thanks to you Whatnauts and for your visit. :)) It isn't the same without your smiling face around here. :))))


Dagmar, I'm sorry, I wrote a comment for you but forgot to post it - I love this awfully much, reminds me of times around a fire, a guitar and singing!! Beautiful, simply, thanks so very much!!


beautiful birds. they remind me of the wild turkeys we have sometimes who flare their tails, but they don't have these pretty colors.


Lovely puzzle - thanks very much.


I just came back from your kaleidos, I had a big ball with them and I'm happy that you found some enjoyment with my birds. :))
I'm off to bed now as it is getting late. Have fun the rest of your day and see you tomorrow. :))


Dagmar - WONDERFUL puzzle. I loved this! It reminds me of a glass paperweight. But, I see a yellow bird and a red bird with beautiful plumage, not dancing!!! Great fun. Thank you for some early afternoon fun!