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Thank You!!!

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Thanks to you John, foxy, Shirly and ditto, laura, patti, chookies, and pats. You are among the friends I treasure on jigidi.


Ditto on the thank you to your friend for keeping you starred up..... You've been a star in my book for a long time now.... I tried to add another to the board, but Shirley, Snooker, PLG, chookies and laurajane are just too fast for me.... :) :)


Pumpkin, you must have a fairy god mother, looking out for you, I would like to add my thank you to that wonderful person.


Thanks to your unidentified friend from all of us too. The leader board is studded with stars, Suzy. That also shows how well you are held in our esteem :-)


9 stars on your list!


you earn it Francesca!


There are many great people on jigidi, and I am pleased to be part of the jigidi family. (Most of them are crazy, Chookies!!! ) :)
Pat-I am amazed that someone noticed my "expired star" even before I did, and for sure wanted to give them a big hug for watching out for me!


You must be well thought of. I like the puzzle it's cute.


Oh, lordy, don't say that you had expired! LOL! Your STAR expired--you're still here, thank goodness! And that was a wonderful thing for someone to do--shows how much your friends care about you!


There are some crazy, some funny, some beautiful and some wonderful people on this site - and you, punkin, have found a most generous one!!


Very cool, Suzy! That's how I felt when someone gave me a star! (Never found out who it was.)


Wow...that is a big blessing, pumpkin. I am happy for you!


A huge thank you to the person who updated my expiring star, in a week where I was too "out there" to even realize I had expired! Whoever you are, THANK YOU! You made my heart happy:)