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Just wondering.....

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I am wondering that too little fellow! :-))


We have SPRING on our minds, just wait.
As I always say the long range forecast is for warmer weather!!!
Thanks Suzy.


Baby looks chilled. See how blue the skin is. Either get the kid some clothe or hurry spring or both. Morris, that's what I'm afraid of too, the we'll go from winter to summer with no spring. I hate that.


Thank you, florrie. It's from a condo we rent on the Gulf of Mexico near Pensacola, FL. Almost time to start packing! :)
Of course we will, Partner! We don't need no stinking spring! Let's go from single digits to temps in the 80's!!


Never! we will go from Winter to Summer yet again, Partner!!!


By the way, Suzy, I love your avatar. It's a gorgeous image.


Laura-Bet your pink LL Bean Windbreaker is sorry you had to change outerwear midday.
It's ok, Florrie. My cabinets are clean and I LOVE that! It's fun doing that "cleaning". Wish I could do the windows!
Ginger-Am tired of the cold temps (at night in the teens or single digits). Aren't those cheeks inviting?
The black snow is looking quite nasty here, Putter. I say let it be gone! (and I am speaking as a lover of winter).

Thank you, Ank! Sweet dreams!
It sure is smllpkg and Warbler. :)


Oh baby!! we are in the same boat!!


So happy you can all appreciate or relate to this! Thanks for your comments Cobbscout, Patti, Robbie, Spricey (you are SO right!), Francine (yup. Advisory here), Beekay (soon?), Jim(Susan is a smart woman), and Chickie (yup!)


If not the billion dollar question!


That's the million dollar question!


Wow, love this, thanks for my good night smile Suzy. :-))))


This is a cutie, all right. But we got about 1 1/2 inches last night. Right now it's melting a bit off roofs and concrete and has, at least freshened up the black snow.


Gonna be alittle while yet, 4 in. last night. :O) but at least it isn't 10 below! Want to reach out and pinch those sweet cheeks Suzy. Thanks for adorable wee one.


I promise not to post any more spring photos until it arrives there.
But at least your kitchen cabinets have been cleaned . . . . .


I left for work this morning in my new pink LL Bean windbreaker. I came back from lunch in my heavy winter coat! Humph.


Aw, too cute! It really does look like everyone's feeling right about now.


What a sweetheart!
I'm counting on NEXT week for spring to arrive, Suzy. Susan said she would return from Arizona in the Spring! LOL! (OK, July for sure!)


Ditto that question !!!


So cute. (I'll give you a hint...not tomorrow that's for sure.)


What a little cutie!!!
Not Fair - How come when babies have rolls of fat it looks cute but on adults - not as cute!
Love it Suzy‚ô•


Heh heh heh, hang in there little one..........Very soon!!...........Too cute Suzy, thanks!


Love it! And I'm wondering the same thing -- I'm just getting ready to blow snow. We got about 3 inches last night.


Too cute and very funny!