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Looking out my front door

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That's Cole bottom right waiting for breakfast. Right now it's -24C feeling like -30 with the wind.


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A little while before Christmas at my mother's place they couldn't open the door. The water from condensation had frozen it shut and they needed the hairdryer to get it open again. LOL


Gone now ZZZZ. It's a balmy -3C right now :-))))




Rosie it's only my hands that are a real problem. The rest of me I can keep warm but doing the chickens and dogs often requires me to take my gloves off. Even if I don't take them off my fingers get very cold. This morning the temp is -10 yet with the wind I thought it felt colder than yesterday.


It's fun living with this, isn't it.? Just putting my dog out on his run chain can be freezing for me. And when he decides to get his chain wrapped around the shepherds hook in the garden where I have my suet feeders hanging and I have to go out and untangle him I'm freezing cold by the time I get back in. Next year I have to remember to move that shepherds hook away from the front of the cottage.


I will Ardy don't worry. After 5 days without power this is like a walk in the park for me :-)))


BRRRRR. Take care of you as well as the animals.


The thermostat was registering -24 this morning but with the sun it's warmed up to -15 and I had a nice walk with the dogs. Even had to take off the hood of the heavy jacket because it was too hot. I heard about the problems in England. Hope your daughter is away from it all.


My sister was in Calgary over Christmas so she missed the power outage here and the day they left there the temperatures were dropping to -40 that night. The skylight in the family room is iced up like this too so it makes the room looks much darker than usual. I'm staying in as much as I can Barb. Just filled the bird feeders and now need to warm up again before doing the chickens. The two eggs I found this morning were both cracked. Only happened one time before that I had eggs freeze and crack and those were ones that I had missed picking up the day before. These were ones from this morning.


Gosh, you can't even see anything. Reminds me of about 5 years ago when I visited a friend in Winnipeg in December. It was so cold, the kitchen windows and back door iced up terribly and you couldn't see out. Stay warm, Edie! :-)


This is nothing now that I have heat Mimi. The sun has already warmed things up to -20. Soon I'll get my shorts out :-)))


This is absolutely stunning. I've heard about this, but never seen personal pictures or knew anyone who lived it! Wow. Stay warm my friend.