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Chicklet and his entourage

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A Happy New Year to you and all your family (two-legged and four-legged LOL) As I can see they are doing nicely - mostly due to your care I suppose and it seems they have managed well to survive the cold and the hawk. :))


Winter is worse than summer Rosie as their food supply of mice are living under the snow so they come looking for easy targets. Glad you enjoyed the little update.


I love it Faye. That's perfect. Shaft for a gold black rooster. LOL :-))))


Wonderful update, Edie. Sorry you are still having hawk problems. They all look wonderful to me, but, then, I'm no expert. And I'm glad Chicklet's brood is expanding and that they have accepted the injured chicken and are allowing her to heal. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to show us how they are doing.


Black with gold...has to be SHAFT! LOL :)))


That he is Ardy. If ever there was one I had given up on it would be him. Speckles it is Ardy. She's mixed breed but looks very much like an Amerecauna unlike the rooster where it is very obvious that he is not purebred. Has a totally different comb too. I can tell this one from Cloud by her size. When you see them side by side she is the larger of the two.


You're welcome PJ. I was going to post them on Jan. 1st but for reasons that I mentioned they had to wait a couple of days. I can only watch her and hope for the best. Not much else you can do for chickens in a situation like this. They do seem fine up there with their 24/7 heat lamp and at night they sure get up on the roost and settle right under it.


My favorite chickens headed by the miracle rooster. Don't suppose we could call this other one Speckles? Thank you so much for featuring them.


Missed you in between there Barb. If she gets a name we need three names. The three I kept at the same time. Two hens and the rooster. The other hen is dark and the rooster is black with goldish feathers around his neck. Still would like to place him before I start hatching eggs again since he's also a mixed breed.


Edie - thank you for bringing this shot, so good to see them again. And Suzy will be ok?? I hope...
And they seem warm and secluded, it looks like they are enjoying fine living places. You really do take care of them,


I only wrote about it once Faye. It was two different hawks. The first attack was in the evening and at the time I hadn't realized it had happened. I saw the hawk on the ground and it was making it's way along the fence inside the chicken area. I thought it was an injured bird. A smallish hawk. It made it to one of the pines and hopped up the branches till it was clear of the fence then flew off. It was already getting dark and I didn't find the hen till the morning. He had driven it between the fence and the small coop that I don't use. Her injuries were not life threatening but she froze to death overnight.
The next afternoon I went out back and a large hawk was underneat the coop pecking at one of the two white hens in this picture. I used a rake to drive him off. I was taking the hen out assuming she was dead because she was not moving and all bloody when I realized that she was still alive. I put her in the garage under a heat lamp and after 5 days moved her in with Chicklet's group.
An hour after that attack I went back out again because the chickens had gone into hiding and I couldn't find them all and the same large hawk was back again under the coop and this time he had killed one of the Silver Penciled Wyandottes. The largest chickens I have. He's fearless now so the chickens remain either in the coop or in the small attached enclosure. No more free ranging for them.


Thanks Mimi. Always nice to hear :-))))


She is certainly better today than she was for the last 3 days Lorna. Is she totally well, I don't know. That waits to be seen.


I must have missed the hawk attack last month. I only remember the one in which BG was hurt. Is it the same hawk...I was hoping it had moved on. :(


You are such a wonderful Mama to these little creatures. They have no idea how fortunate they are to have you. But we all appreciate you LOTS! :)))


Great to see them Edie, thanks. Hope Suzy is ok.


Thanks Marilyn. I was going to post a couple of days ago but one of the Sebrights was not well. I was afraid that she was eggbound which they often don't survive. She was all puffed out and her wings were drooping and she just huddled in the nesting box. This morning she seemed a little perkier so I thought I'd go back and take a pic. I think it was Suzy that was not well.


Thanks for letting me know, Edie. I do remember the hawk attack but didn't realize you lost 2. This one seems to be doing well and I'm glad the others have accepted her. Should we be thinking about a name for her? :-))


Yes it is Faye. They seem to have accepted the new comer now, but there's always some squabbling. It's what chickens do.


You would think so Florrie but they sure missed the lamp when the power was out for 5 days. I think I may have gotten 2 eggs from them during that whole time.


I built this 6' x 8' pen for my Silkies two years ago Robbie. It's in the loft of my garage. Now some of the bantams are using it since I have too many roosters and this rooster could not compete with the older ones and they would have seriously injured him. You're welcom to join them as long as there's no clean up involved :-)))


Barb, remember last month when the hawk killed two and injured one. Well the injured one is the other light one. It's the mixed breed chick from last May. I kept 3 of them and one ended up being a rooster.
She had injuries to her head but also her neck was pretty opened up so I wanted her to be warm while she healed and they seem to be getting along so I'll leave her here till the spring.


The Chicken Chronicles continue .......good to see them.


Great to see them all getting along. :)))


As if the world was perfectly normal outdoors . . . . . .


Looking good Edie, neat and tidy, I could probably sleep there!


I think I missed out on some news ... I see Suzy, Chicklet, Sally and Cloud but I also see another chick similar colours to Cloud. They are all looking terrific, Edie. Thanks so much for posting this. Really appreciate seeing our chicks. :-)