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Flamingos at Sea World

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A kaleidoscope of a photograph taken at Sea World in San Diego, California. Original image inset at centre.


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Well Mr O and Edie, I hardly need to write a thing as my new Personal Secretary, Ms Snooker has answered :-)) Thank you all three!
Only 126, Mr O? I'd have thought there were more. Maybe even as numerous as the bats in your belfry ;-)
Edie, you have a wild imagination! I saw head butting flamingos but I can see that they can look like crabs :-))


Why am I not surprised, oddman? Agree about the crabs in the corners, 2d7c. Besides getting the same time as you, Foxy, I just answered the last 2 comments as well for you. :)))


The four corners look like little crabs. Fun puzzle, thanks


Most interesting! I love flamingos, too. I have 126 of them on my front lawn.



Thanks, Rob. The reflections just added to the whole scene. They also made it harder to solve... shot myself in the foot there :-)


Thanks, fuchsia. They certainly are a lovely sight!


Yes, this is their true colour as photographed. I didn't saturate it or change it in any way. This was the first time I'd seen any and it was a vibrant sight! Thanks, Shirley :-)


Beautiful kaleido Chrissie - I love Flamingos & how you've made it!! Very clever - thanks.

Love those pink flamingos, thanks!


Flamingos are beautiful birds, is this their true colour? or is it just the picture? makes a great HM Kaleidoscope. Thanks chrissie :):)