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Give a man a paintbrush . . . :D)

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Hiya all . . . and again, thank you so much for all your good wishes. With all this positive energy coming my way I will be back turning cartwheels in no time . . . BACK??? who am I kidding . . . LOL
I made the mistake of letting 'HWMBI' get his paintbox out (well he deserved a treat) and he set too with his little paintbrush on my ceiling . . . typical man, he had to go a little overboard . . . :D). I have to admit that it has made my view a little more interesting.
Talking of interesting views I actually went out on a non-medical excursion the other day all the way to . . . wait for it . . . the supermarket. Boy, what excitement was to be had there . . . shooting up and down the aisles on one of those courtesy electric mobility scooters at 4mph (at least that's what it said but I think they saw me coming and turned it down a bit . . . grrr. I managed to avoid all the obstacles put in my path even the odd suicidal shopper who strayed in my direction . . . surely they could see the demonic glint in my eye as I twisted that throttle . . . :D) It was only a short trip and I was shattered . . . but it was worth it.
As you will have gathered I continue to make good progress and if everything goes to plan I should be moving over to a 'soft collar' by the end of the month. I am hoping that this will give me some movement of my head and allow me longer periods at the PC. If so I may be able to start posting "WamI?" again . . . keep those fingers crossed . . . :D)

Well that's me done for now . . . time for a rest before tea . . . catch you all soon

Take care . . . luv'nstuff . . . Su xx


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And kitty! :)))


not to mention Guy Fawkes night, keep froggy safe!


Thinking of you , Sue. Especially with Hallowene coming up . Keep Froggy indoors, we don't want him ending up in a witch's cauldron....."ear of bat and eye of toad" and all that malarkey!! ;-))


It's been a while since somebody put a message on here. Hope all is better with you and that you are racing around the stores. Miss your puzzles..Can't you talk Malcom into posting some?? :))


I'm sorry to hear about your setback, Su. Keep on plugging and keep your stamina up, and you'll be back better than new soon.


Zipping around on a scooter at the supermarket! Yay for you! Did you wash your hair first? The texture one your ceiling is called knockdown. That's what it looks like anyway. Keep on healing!


Well(ish), is better than backwards, Su!! Take care, and keeping moving forward. But carefully and gently. :)))))


Su, it's good to hear from you. I'm sorry for your setback but it sounds like things are coming along, slowly perhaps, but still going forward. Take care and know you have many people thinking of you. :-)


Hi Su. Been watching this space. Sorry about the setback but glad you're coming on. Be careful. gentle, careful (((HUGS)))


Hi Su, Oh dear, so glad to hear you are now back on track I guess nothing is just plain sailing. hopefully you will now get stronger every day. All best wishes and gentle hugs


. . . and his lack of imagination Hester . . . mustn't forget that . . . lol

Sorry I've been a bit quiet recently, make the most of it . . . :D)
I've had a couple of minor setbacks but nothing to worry about and all's well(ish) now as I am back on track


That's Malcolm's style for you, understated, sober and unassuming!! LOL Maybe he can set up a projector and screen some movies for you on the ceiling. I always think dentists and gynaecologists should show cartoons on their surgery ceilings to take our minds off what's going on!
So glad to hear you are getting out to hit the Lancashire hot spots. Hopefully the next trip will be to somewhere more exotic! Take care, love from me, the Scary Hairy and the bear :-))


Me too! :)))


Just checking up. :)))


Marvelous to read this. Whooo hoo! Now, you take care. :))


Happy your making some progress T&F - I see you've been busy painting your ceiling :-)))


I just found this post, Su. What a relief to know you're doing more every day. I use a scooter every time I go grocery shopping. In Oregon, they were set to Grand Prix speed, so I'd get out of there in five minutes. Here, with all the little old ladies and little old men (LOL and LOM), they set it to tortoise speed, so it takes me an hour. And yes, there are indeed suicidal shoppers and suicidal drivers to watch out for. But I have a cane, and I'm not afraid to use it... Many thanks to HWMBI for taking such good care of our little Froggie. Take it slowly, Su, moving one's head is most overrated.

Thanks, Barb. I watched the video the first time you posted it and it took two days to get it out of my head. I watched it again tonight in part, and woe is me for listening to it ... but perfect for the occasion.


Good to hear how things are coming along for you froggie/Su. My mother uses a motorized cart every time she goes to the store and when she gets on one, look out! Also happy to hear you are able to make some excursions, albeit short. As the others said, take your time. Slow and steady wins the race! Thanks for the updates


yes go nice and slow. Hanne (elfie) had a hip replacement and started dashing off at her usual pace, she fell and ended up having another operation. It was boring for her to have to be careful but now she is back, fit and stomping all over the world again:)


First the supermarket soon THE WORLD!!!!!! Happy to hear of your progress.


I did not now there were so many suicidal grocery shoppers until I used one of those carts when my ankle was broken. Silly people.

Not sure if you got to see my last post, I think we had a time line cross over, so here it is again for all who missed it.

I can only echo what everyone else has said. We have missed you, thanks to Malcolm for the updates, welcome back but take things slowly. I tried to come back too soon from my broken ankle and had a set back, so I know that with your break, it must be a slow recovery. But soon you will heal and be happy dancing with your friends.


Your humor is intact, Su! That is so important. We are missing you tremendously. Jigidi is just not the same without your zany way of seeing the world. I am so happy that HWMBI has taken such good care of you. His painting skills are amazing! Keep taking care of yourself. And do NOT run over any shoppers in the market!!! xxJan


Su, It's wonderful to see any puzzle from you. Also great that you have been able to venture out into the world besides seeing a doctor. Don't overdo it.


Gosh Su! For you and HWMBI, it's all one extreme or the other, isn't it? You trip, and instead of a stubbed toe - you break your neck! Wonderful Mal, decided to paint the ceiling, and comes over all Michelangelo! LOLOL But seriously, I'm so happy about your progress. Sure, under any other circumstance you wouldn't want to be in a mobility scooter. But hey! You could still be flat on your back in hospital!!! And, as you say - there's the bonus of playing supermarket skittles. LOL So hurrah for your improvement. It's all in the right direction, and that's all that matters. Next stop: soft collar. And I guess after that NO collar! Yippee. I have a big smile on my face. :-DDD


Sooooo glad you've got this wonderful ceiling courtesy of HWMBI! This should make all that bed rest more tolerable. And how exciting that you actually got to the supermarket. With all that zooming around I hope there were a few stops for food and even some good treats. Keep on keepin' on Su! Still sending positive energy your way. :>)


Wow, a trip to the supermarket!!! Su, you are making wonderful progress and I'm so happy for you. Slow and steady and you'll soon be posting puzzles again. Thanks so much for the update and continue to take care. And thanks to HWMBI for all he's done. :-))


WOO HOO!!!!!!!!
Welcome back, beloved Froggie!!!


Yippee kai yo. Zip away there. Beep your horn for all to get out of the way. Wonderful excursion. Rest up now before tea. It will take awhile to get going again, Su. Don't push it. But delighted you could get out for something other than medical stuff. (((HUGS))) Thanks HWMBI for taking such good care of our Su.


Not bad for a first attempt, I always said that man was a wonder and now you have an interesting ceiling. And you have been out after 'only' two months. Hope you soon get a more comfortable collar and , while it would be good to play guessing again, I seem to remember there were times when you were less than well before this accident, so don't let us hurry you. Bless you both for pushing on with the hard work, and roll on the day when it's just a bad memory.


Just logged on and lo, and behold...will miracles never cease? A Froglet in an electric shopping scooter zipping up and down the supermarket aisles! Great news and an even greater vision! Just take care though...I think HWMBI might be rushing the "healing" as he sees Christmas dinner looming in his near future and is having night terrors thinking about it! Hugs to both of you. :)))


Some people just get carried away, don't they!! My good wishes for a speedy recovery....Joanne