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The Mona Donis........

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We proudly present, for your non-enjoyment, this never-before-seen masterpiece from our collection....
It was discovered in the back of a Bonga-Bonga fish shop which once belonged to Leonardo da Bugosi, where it was plugging a hole in the roof, and is believed to have been painted by Leonardo before his slightly more famous Italian half-cousin (who stayed in the fish shop while on holiday) painted his celebrated 'Lona Misa' - a blatant copy of this wonder of the Arts.......
Mystery surrounds the identity of the enigmatically beautiful maiden holding the cat, but we believe it to be Adonisette B. Bugosi, who was a 16th. century trapeze artist, well known on the circus a circular,roundabout way.....


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There WAS something fishy about it really, cracked fish, it's what you can have in one of our towns called Hasle!! I don't know what it is, I have the same feelings about them as about the Greenlandic specialities!!


Magnetic Resonance Imaging and DNA!! That's the ticket! =>^..^


Yes, not-octo.....that would explain it.....
Hanne-forever-with-pipe......Some of them are probably bits of dead fish, from the shop.....others are where the canvas has cracked with age.....


I wonder what the green things are behind him.. eehh, her? It looks a bit suspicious really!!


My cats usually live to age 20, so maybe I'm confused, as always....


raincoat-infusion.......I suppose the paws have just kept on growing over the past 500 years........


I love when you find hidden treasures :^)
the cat seems to have large paws tho


Yes, back-to-nearly-normal-size-from-Rebmuda........your house could do with a touch of real art!......


Lela what a masterpiece this is. I am sure you will have calls from Christie's, the Louvre and maybe your school library!! Oh I wish I could afford it, this would hang proudly on one of Jenny's white walls!!

lelabugosi the picture dates from roughly 5 centuries ago, I s'pose it would be a 5 cent. ancestormama.....
End-of-your-tether......yes, I feel the identity of the cat will remain an enignatically enigmatic mystery....
precious-pebble.....It would probably reveal another cat........and then another......
Hanne-with-pipe.......Quite a Bonga-Bongan sort of way.....


An ancestor of the Cheshirecat perhaps??


Outside frame looks Egyptian to me...wonder if there is an even older more valuable picture underneath...perhaps a CAT scan would reveal that???


The cat is enigmatic and has a hint of a smile?


Perhaps that means the mysterious maiden might perhaps be a long-lost distant relative - a centomama of some kind perhaps.


Well octo-multi.......if it is one of yours, then it must certainly, for sure, without a doubt, truly be the oldest cat in the world.....honestly.......


HEY!!!! That's one of my cats. Actually, I have so many I'm not quite sure which one this is, but I'm pretty sure it's one of mine....


Thank you all......Yes, this picture will be very valuable, once its fame has spread......I have therefore installed a burglar-proof electric fence round it - (I just have to remember to change the 1.5V batteries once in a while).....


Cat looked very content.


Love your story you have a great imagination hope to see more of Lelabugosi prints in the near future.


This picture find must be worth a small fortune.