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That's a shame, Katy. What type of things do you paint? Enjoy your R&R.


Thanks for the good wishes John but unfortunately I didn't make any "bob" yesterday - lower case or upper case. Especially enjoying the tranquility of your "tranquility" today. I'm going to take the vision as I go to horizontal mode again now.


Thanks for that nice comment, gemstone.




Oh, that was much more of an op. Katy! You may appreciate the photo of "the beastly thing" when you are further away from the associated pain of it.

You are being "saucy" now with your "high excitement value"! I'm sure I cannot imagine what you mean!!lol

That's why we don't get shadows here - no sun!! 'Orrible.

I enjoyed batik work when I was at college. I sometimes do batik jigs but they never look as good as the real thing. Hope you make a few "bob" tomorrow. That's slang for shilling!!


Thanks John, you gave me some tugs to play with. Beautiful pictures.

No, my Twisted Cyster was internal and took a few days stay in the hospital but will be fine now and I'm really looking forward to getting back to a more comfortable and productive life. My doctor gave me a picture of it but it isn't really very photogenic.

You never lose creativity - you just forget to let it out. I've drawn and painted since I was very young - and even won some awards - but now, I don't take any lessons because I just want to develop and let out my own visions. Even though I get incredibly frustrated, nothing is so exciting as creating something (well, maybe one or two other things also have a high excitement value)

Amazing the differences in our "common" language. And your light switches are reversed - and your driving direction is just irrational - to a rational, North American mind.

Now it's time for another rest period and then I think I'm going to just do a little more to a couple of canvasses I have in a Show/Sale tomorrow.

I'm keeping the vision of this "tranquility" in my soul. Thanks
Yes, the "shadow" is me in sunshine. Can't have shadows without the sun.


i notice the shadow in your logo - you? i like your stubborn comment, katy. very funny! i share many of your traits, too. i used to be very creative when i was younger. i could/should have gone to art college but didn't.

it's a shame you can't spell humour properly!

i'm assuming the cyst was, basically, external, what a relief for you to "get rid"!

it sounds as if your friend has a creative mind with the "twisted cyster"! very clever and, yes, i like the group a lot.

light and dark - that;s me. it's good to have your comments again. i thought that i had gone deaf!!lol


John, I'm NOT a Gemini - therefore I have no dark side ;))))). Amazing though how many Geminis are (or have been) in my life - both family and close friends. Perhaps it's because I would have been among your group but was born three weeks early. I missed the Dark Side - except for my Shadow. I'm curious, creative, independent, determined, and I laugh from the humor that is such an intrinsic part of life and I laugh just for the joys and pleasures of being. I also cry at the horrors that humanity causes itself and the world. (notice I used the term "determined" rather than the perjorative "stubborn" - I am NOT stubborn and I will never, never change my mind about that) - more humor???

Thanks for the "welcome back" Yes, I'm sort of "good to go" now, but will be much, much better in six weeks or so. Hope this doesn't make you quesy but I had a grapefruit sized cyst removed from my abdomen - and it had evidently become twisted which was causing all the pain. So it's gone now. A friend thought I should wear a t-shirt that says "I survived the Twisted Cyster". (do you know the musical group - Twisted Sister?) Anyway, "Twisted Cyster" is such a groan that it really made me laugh - which isn't very comfortable physically yet but is so good for the spirit.

And John, I see another puzzle today that must have come from your dark side - not visually "dark" but cruel to solve. Show me a tug boat - please. (and stories to go with it) Katy


welcome back, katy. i hope all went well and you feel "good to go"!

your dark side or mine?!! good to hear from you again.


This is sooooo lovely. I'm ready for this pleasure now. But is the "Dark Side" watching?