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I don't see how you guys could miss her. She's not wearing colored clothing, of course, it is just a form in the ice. She has a long gown & a long boa, or cape, around her shoulders. Of course all this is just the way the ice is shaped & the shadows that are formed. You two make me wonder if the eye surgeon put somethimg extra in my eyes a couple months ago! Heehee............


Ann, I think Monica is right, the woman is for your eyes only, maybe you have ESP, lucky you.
Thanks everybody for the nice comments.


Ann, are you feeling alright? Your not feeling feverish are you? I'm starting to worry about you! I went back to see what you were talking about, but did not see any woman above the guy with the blue hat on! Maybe I'm not looking in the right place? Or, just maybe, the woman is an angel meant for your eyes only? I do wonder though, if others can see this woman you speak of! Sorry, I looked real hard!


If I were in that boat sure as shootin', as soon as we got under that arch it woulb break in the middle & come crashing down on us! Things like that just seem to happen to me!! :-D LOL
By the way---did you folks notice the figure of a woman, dressed in a long gown? She is about halfway up the ice directly above the person with the blue cap in the middle of the boat. Sort of gave me a start---and some food for thought.
Thanks, Graciela............


But, they made it.


Wow! You know their having loads of fun! What a beautiful scene! Thanks for posting such lovely pics, Graciela!

really WOW!




Great photo and looks sort of dangerous to ride through that arch LOL


What an awesome photo!!!!