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Our Beautiful Bonnie

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Thank you so much Sherry and robryan. I am overwhelmed by the support she (and thus we) have received from this very caring jigidi community.

I don't know why I blurted out my/our pain on Saturday (very much outside my norm) but am reminded of the beginning of "It's a Wonderful Life" when all those people were sending prayers up for George. We do want to have her with us over the Christmas season so that family can all come together and enjoy her company for at least one more time (she will be 14 on Jan 10) and because she so loves the celebration. She led a harder life than many dogs have before we got her and she's given us nothing but joy.

robryan, Bonnie suits her name so much and we're honoured that she shares it with your mum. (Isn't it a coincidence that I told Maryrob just three days ago that her beautiful dog Edie shares my late mom's name!)


Sooo glad that Bonnie is making good progress - she looks a real honey.She also has a lovely name - my late Mums :)))


Oh, I am SO glad that Bonnie is doing better! I've been thinking of her and you, as well, and praying that she improves. Please keep us posted on her progress, and please know that prayers are still being sent up for her and her loving family. Sherry


Thanks, Francine! It's been worrisome so to have her personality come back is encouraging. She has been more active and happier as the day has gone on. She even asked me to pick her up for a cuddle this afternoon. She rarely ever does that any more! (Probably due to arthritis pain.) I just hope that we don't have to go through another one of these seizures with her. We know that she's getting old and we can see the writing on the wall, we just want to have at least one more Christmas with her; she enjoys it so.


Hi Michelle. I'm so pleased to know about your Bonnie. I was only on computer a few quick minutes early this morning and only now have come back to check up on you and Bonnie. Indeed, she's beautiful and her sweetness comes through.


Thank you so much, Faye. The power of all you positive people is amazing!

Bonnie cuddles you too!


Good morning, Beautiful. Hope you just keep getting better and better. :)))


Thanks tons wolflady and Jan. It's so good to see her personality come back. She even did the bury her nose in my legs and SNIFFF "thing" that she does only with me. (Poor girl is really losing her sight in her only seeing's amazing how well she can navigate.)

We love this shot of her, Jan. The inadvertent soft focus is so dreamy and does help capture her essential sweetness. Maybe Maggie and Bonnie ARE related. Bonnie was born in and lived her first several years in Texas so she does hold "dual" citizenship, you know! (lol ABCA/CBCA)


My gosh, I thought it was Maggie for a minute, Michelle.
I keep sending positive thoughts your way. What a great dog Bonnie is!


Hope and pray she continues to recover. Keep the love coming, and I am
sure you will have many more good days. God Bless.


To her friends: Bonnie is doing MUCH better today. She is able to move around under her own steam, get up and down (still a bit wobbly), and came to me for her morning cuddle. She also smiled for the first time since Friday. (Yup, she's one of those dogs that does smile when she's happy.)

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. We'll keep hoping that she continues to recover and we have her living with us for a little longer yet!