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Departed Friends: Kyla's Reflection

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It looks it, doesn't it, Faye. She was just surveying her domain in the back yard and I think that a squirrel or something had invaded. The black and white film, the reflection, etc. gave this such an interesting effect. Wise, though. Kyla was the smartest Border Collie, nay smartest dog, I have ever met. Who knew that our first one would be such a genius...more so than we even knew at the time. We all still miss her and she's been gone for over 10 years now.


Emotion-packed...a little sad but very wise.

Captures a special moment in the life of a dog. Don't they just love to watch what's going on outside?


She was actually looking out at something in the back yard but looked so pensive that my daughter had to snap the shot. She only had black and white film in her camera re her photography course but it captured the essence of expression very well. "Reflection" was a inadvertent double-entendre.


Oh, this one is very poignant. This photo makes me sigh. What a beautiful dog.....and I'm sure a great one! :D