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Bunny Garden Kaleidoscope for Dottie

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A riot of our garden colours mashed together with one of the resident garden bunny sticks. Busy, busy...
The frame is art glass with manipulated values.

Have Fun!


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I am glad you liked it, Jan. Although with all the rich colours, I am not surprised! ;-D


This is my favorite of the bunch. It is lovely and colorful. Also, it was a fun and fast solve. Thanks so much, Michelle!


I thought that you would enjoy seeing the little bunny in his entirety, Dottie! He has a little partner too. My daughter has two house bunnies that rather look like this (in a loose interpretation, of course) so we often get bunny themed pressies for her. Just having fun playing, Dottie. (My little camera has been frustrating me with the quality of real photos that I have been taking so I figured, hey, why not re-purpose some of the photos? LOL)


Thank you, Michelle! I love it! The little bunny is so cute! You are so good with these. And thank you for the link!