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Zentangle Line Drawing - Lined Swirls

24 pieces
50 solves
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It's true, Shirley. Most of these were done quite a long time ago. I had to dig them out of my old art book and photograph them. The photographs didn't come out too well so I edited them to straighten, crop, and brighten them up in picassa, but wen I came to down (up?) load them to jigidi, the changes hadn't stayed, so I just had to post them as they were. Glad you are enjoying them, and thanks for your kind comments.


I'm enjoying your lovely work Niccolino, It's different to a lot we see today, but that's the beauty of it to see the changes over time, everything does. Thank you.


Thanks Ardy and Ank. Glad you enjoyed doing the puzzle.


Very nice Nicky. Thanks.


Nicky, I can't picture me doing anything like this. So much patience and creativity is involved. Both of which I have in very limited supply. lol Thanks for sharing yours.