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Female Downy Woodpecker on Seed Bell

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Took this through the living room window.


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Great photo! Clean window!!! :)
PG, we put down a large outdoor carpet on our deck for the birds, so when the poop hits, we just hose it down in the spring.


Sometimes i want to pitch this other half of me through the window, snooker. I have focusing issues. Probably the camera operator, rather than the camera.


Very good photo, lj. You and the camera are one now.


Yes, she looks full grown to me. Downy woodpeckers are small to begin with. Today I saw a hawk out front. It is probably the one that ate one of my mourning doves yesterday. It came back to find more where that came from.


A sweet picture, laurajane! What a tiny bird. Is it full grown? You can see, I don't know a lot about most birds.


Tex, I have a big flock of goldfinches and another of house finches. I have a thistle feeder with 18 ports and that only accommodates a fraction of my goldfinches.
Thank you for commenting, pkin!


Ahhh so cute ... Thanks Laurajane


Thank you, LJ. Last couple years I've had nothing except hummers. Not one finch. Just a few Cardinals, but most of the undesirables came, and no cool ones! Since I don't go birdwatching anymore, I want some around the house.


I will never do that again...put the seed out front. Noooo way! I will have to put my hose on jet and try to wash everything off in the spring. I was just missing the hummer activity out front this winter. Little did I know I'd get a batallion of birds, all pooping up a storm!


(Yes, I'm doing OK, Laura. I've had lots of family & friends spending time with me -- making the transition much easier. Thanks for checking on me.)


Great place for watching but they do make a mess. I would go through 100 lbs of sunflower seeds in PA every year and the mess was unbelievable so I knew never on the front porch. You can get a blowerbut the poop is what sticks and you have to wash it off.


Tex, you would be shocked at how many birds I have at my house. I have tons out in the back. I put put a seed box and seed bell on the porch in front. Regretably, I might add, because they make a mess. Seeds and sunflower shells everywhere. So, in the spring they will come down for good. Anway, to answer your question, on the bell I get woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees and titmouses. The cardinals, juncos and blue jays eat what the others drop, so they hang out underneath. The birds vie for a spot on the bell. I drink my tea in the morning and sit and watch their antics. It really is nice. I have several hooks on my front porch because that is where I hang the hummingbird feeders April-Sept.


So it's pretty close to your house? I have to get one of these. What all kinds come to feed on it? And what kind do you get? (Just full of questions!) Thanks, cool jig.


i am sure that they appreciate it, laura!


She looks fatter than the downeys' that come to my feeder. I probably don't feed them as good as you! LOL


Thank you chickie and morris! I had to put up a new seed bell this morning.The little pigs!


Nice one, laura!


That's a cute shot laura.


Aww, thanks Patti. You doing okay? Justy checking in with you.


Oooh, wonderful, Laura! :)