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Carnival Triumph

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As we were leaving Galveston on the Crown Princess we passed the Triumph which was due to sail the same day. It is now being towed to Mobile, Alabama after an engine fire. It drifted with no power in the Gulf for quite awhile and the conditions on board are terrible from what passengers are telling relatives. (photo taken through a window)


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I am also glad you were not on it.You are right bad stuff happens.The folks who were on it will probably never cruise again.Can't say that I would either if I had been onboard it!!!


Thank, Maryrob. Sh-- happens I guess. Just glad that our first ever cruise was not on the Triumph.


Well I am glad I wasn't on this ship but the Carnival ships I have been on were wonderful.


You and me both, tater. :)


I am SO relieved to know you weren't on that ship!!!


Thank you all for your comments.


Dang! The story of that ship is not a pretty one!


I'm glad you wasn't on board there Pat. I'm glad you had a lovely cruise.


good pic.......I have heard a lot about the Carnival Ships and not a good thing......If I was able to go it wouldn't be on that dangerous LOL


I have only been on one cruise in my lifetime and we all put our faith in the captain and staff that everything will go smooth , never thinking of the dangers that we could really encounter The more you hear of these incidents , the more it deters you from going on another one
Good puzzle it's food for thought


I've hear about the Carnival Triumph troubles on the News, not pleasent.


A couple we know were on it when it left the day we did. Luckily they didn't leave 5 days later or they would have been in big trouble.


Thank you for sharing your picture of this "cruiseship"


We went on the Triumph in 2007. Sure glad we weren't on it this time! YIKES!!!!