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"Extreme" Christmas Display #3

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This series of photos was taken by my father in 2010. This is a homeowner (not far from where he lives) who does this absolutely elaborate lighting display every year! People come for miles just to see it. Pictures don't really have the same impact as actually standing there. Take that, Griswalds! lol


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Jacques, je sais que vous vivez en Belgique: dans quelle partie? Une amie de ma fille a une soeur qui vit à Bruxelles, je pense. Ma fille a eu l'occasion de leur rendre visite pendant deux semaines il ya quelques années. Ce fut un voyage mémorable, elle aimait votre pays beaucoup! J'habite a Canada.


ah oui, je vous remerci Michelle!


Guess they don't have to worry, Francine. However, when you see the kid's faces light up too...I guess it's worth it to them.

Jacques, j'espere que tu es nous blague! Si c'est vrai, tu va avoir à nous le prouver. Nous donner un puzzle photo pour le voir! LOL Michelle


looks like my home


Those were my initial thoughts too.


Can you imagine what the power meter looks like as it whirs merrily, merrily away....woooosh!


Nothing says Christmas like a display of lights like this! ??? Oh My!