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"Stew meat!" by Mike Scovel

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The cook looks like quite a rascal, & the stew right tasty . . . you may have my share!!! Thanks just the same, oldman : > }}


Great one!! Sounds like my cowboy, bush pilot, back country guide, white lightning making, poker playing, etc etc etc favorite uncle!!


Thanks, Nuri! I'm still grinning.


Back in the 60's, while in the Air Force, I was stationed in Sweetwater TX. An old rancher there told a story about his grandfather who made the last cattle drive out of that part of Texas. He was a tough old bird. One morning he got up and asked if the coffee was ready. Cook said I think so. Old man poured a bit in a cup, tasted it, spit it out. He picked up a horse dropping, put it in the pot, stirred it a bit, tasted it and said now it's ready. Looking at the hands sitting around the fire he asked what was wrong. They said they wouldn't drink that. He said, "you'll either drink it or wear it!" His grandson said it wasn't that bad.


Stone soup! I'd forgotten all about that! :)
And that reminds me of what I used to tell my kids about how it took me years to get through college going at night, so I finally quit my job and went to school full time, living on pine soup. "What's pine soup?" they asked. A pot of water simmering with toothpicks floating in it. :)
And that reminds me... Hup! Better quit this!


Thanks for sharing that memory, PotatoMum. I love tales of that time (and place) in US history. Your story makes me think of the first time I heard the story of Stone Soup! I think it had a profound effect on my outlook on getting along in this world. :>)


Oh my gosh! This reminds me so much of a story my grandfather said his father(who was a real, true cowboy) used to tell. He said that towards the end of a cattle drive, when food supplies were running low, when they came into camp they'd ask "cookie" what was for supper. The cook would say "Soup o' da boullion - 6 bucket o' wateh an' one on-yon." For 4 generations in my family, any meal cooked in the dutch oven was "soup o' da boullion - 6 bucket o' wateh an' one on-yon." Unfortunately it never caught hold with my own children - a loss for sure!
Thanks, Mr. O, for resurrecting that memory!!