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Tic Tac Toe ....

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Robbie, mate, your imagination and sense of humor are priceless.... Oh, by the way, I tilted the board and all the winks on you side fell into my tiddlie plate.... So there !!!!! Ha, Ha and Ha.... Glad you enjoyed the game... I loved your take on it.... 。◕‿◕。


You win every time SMor!! (After all it is your puzzle!) Well I changed it to tiddlywinks and I managed to win a game! (I had to cheat though)..........You have the right side with two small catching plates and one chip to flick. I had the rest of the chips with three catching plates...........slightly unfair I know!! Well either way it was a fun puzzle and very cool design, thanks.


Your Bandit is very perceptive.... I do believe toes have been mentioned several times today.... He must have ESP....(Extra Smart PurtyCat).... ◕‿◕


It's must be the cold, Francine... Kinda like molasses in January... Glad you liked this one.... ◕‿◕


Bandit wants to know if someone mentioned toes. :) Pretty puzzle, Sally.


Thanks, Sally. I love the upper left disk. I also took the slow route (2:17)


Thank you, John... Trying to get a 3D effect out of a flat surface is good fun... Shadowing helps a lot... Glad you liked it.... (◕‿◕)


Thanks, mate.... I think we both took the slow route... (◕‿◕)


Great puzzle like the shadows of the buttons :~))


Very nice, Sally, lots of fun to solve, I took the slow route, Thanks, Sally. :):)


Yes, we've recovered and now its on to packing and last minute 'To Do's' Realized my driver's license will expire while we're away this time... So tomorrow is stand in line half a day at the DMV... Government agencies are a trial sometimes.... All the Christmas trappings are out of the house and in about 30 minutes we'll be up on the ladder and stowing them in the garage rafters.... Thanks, Edie... And wowieeee, you beat Pato68... You are ever the Speedie Edie.... Always good to see you up there.... Thanks again for the Chicken Chronicles last year... So many of us were delighted by them.... Hugs.... (◕‿◕)


Thanks, Jo, for letting me know you had fun with this one.... (◕‿◕)


We did indeed have a great Christmas... Thank you, Kirsten.... Hope you did too.... 2014 is looking pretty good so far.... Wishing for you all the best in the New Year.... Be back on your side of the world soon... Hugs, mate.... (◕‿◕)


You're welcome G-JoJo.... Glad you enjoyed it.... (◕‿◕)


Great to see you Sally. Have you recovered from the festivities. I've removed everything that reminds me of them from the house. Great fun puzzle. Feel like I could pick up the pieces and move them around. Thanks so much :-))))

Great fun. Thanks so much.


Wonderful puzzle Sally! Thanks so much! And I hope you had a great Christmas, and wish you a fabulous 2014! (•‿•)


Great puzzle. Thanks.