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northern lights

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I love them! Have seen them only once, but keep checking out the skies in the hope of making it twice! Thanks, Oddio!!!


Once when I was visiting OUR uncle and aunt in NE Kansas my uncle pointed these out to me. I had never thought they could be seen in the midwest or other than far north, but several of you have already indicated that, as well. Amazing, and I'm sure this example is one of the best. Thank you, dear Oddio!


I've never seen even a hint of them, but I'd dearly love to.

Amazing ! Seems we used to see them often. The most memorable sighting for me was about ten or twelve years ago at our cottage on the northern shore of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada. There were more colors but not such a beautifully defined shape as this one has. If you've ever experienced an "optic migraine", you've had your own personal aurora borealis ! Not painful to my surprise but scary until you find out what it is...


An incredible sight, they are. Something everyone should be able to see, at least once in a lifetime.

We used to see them in Indiana, when I was a child, but too many bright light flood the sky now.

Thanks for the memory, oddio.


Only saw them once, about 15 years ago when in southern Idaho, they weren't as brilliant as this, but it was still a thrill to see them.


It does look like some computer generated image, but it's for real.

If you do a search on "northern lights" and select "images" you'll find many similar to this.


We haven't seen the Northern Lights in a long time.

Is this a real photo, or a computer drawing? It's stunning.


have only seen these once in texas. thanks oddio.