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Thanks, Carol. This is one of the few that wasn't computer generated! lol!


Great fun - fantastic design!


Lol, whatnauts! Actually, I had thought of posting more of my class assignments but, first, I need to get my scanner working!


I enjoyed this class and am looking forward to the next lesson!!!!


No, L. It was actually a fairly broad assignment of design on posterboard.I love optical illusion, tesselations, and surrealism ( that is not gruesome or of poor taste). Thanks, dear one!


LOL!!! You've done it again, Robbie....pushed interpretation to the limit! I love it! Don't worry about being childish....that's my middle name, my friend! Glad you enjoyed it.


Thanks, Shirley. I absolutely love optical illusionary art. I'm glad you enjoyed the solve, my friend!


Jill I took a sedate walk down the stairs to the basement which I found was covered in olive oil. This surprised me and as I turned to walk back up, the staircase turned into a conveyor belt coming down with olive coloured vats full of.....OLIVE OIL!! Well I thought I was going to drown, but thankfully realized that I could climb up the stepped wall, starting with the orange, slowing down at the pink edge and just managing to crawl out of the purple at the top where I thought I was safe again! NO!!! The top is full of olive oil and I am sliding over the WAAAAALLLLLLLLL..............glug....glug.....

Great puzzle Jill, I think the humidity is making me a bit childish!!! Thanks.


I agree with Shirley, I'm not sure weather we're going up or down... A lesson in perspective and shading perchance? Tricky good buddy.... Never the less, good fun.... Thanks..... :) :)


This is a great illusion, it does funny things, when I think I have it figured out, I can then see something different, I enjoyed the solving, Thanks Jill.