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Mandala for Francine

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Getting fun and funky now Francine. You shouldn't have encouraged this!


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My name is Gail.


Well, thank you Gaillou! I'll see what I can do to try to make a few more then. (What is your first name...these are all based on names!)


This is another beautiful puzzle. I'm looking forward to more of them.


I guess we can now definitively state the the origin of a black hole is text rotated around a point. Hmmm, that sounds like it could be doublespeak for polispeak!


I did notice the 8 N's in the other one, but the black hole in the center of the blue kept drawing my attention.


Francine got it already, Dave! She's "bookish", down below. Francine is one of those wonderful people who has been encouraging me to try my hand at playing. We both have an interest in glasswork, having dabbled in it years ago.

I am going to post the other couple in my other persona (puzzaddled2...quite original, that!) since I would have to wait 3 hrs before I can post any more under this one and I will be out for the count by then. I noticed that you got the name, here. Jan's was harder, being so much shorter!


This would be a really cool card front to send to Francine. Or anyone with their name in it. Great background again! Now to patiently wait for more! Thanks Michelle!


I can only publish so many a day... and my time isn't up yet for the next. My fields for these are photos of real art glass; I thought that you would appreciate that! I wanted to learn how to make and save my own patterns so I played, again!


I did! .:) :) So where's the 'Bex' puzzle? Like your colours and innovative design. Thanks Michelle.


Oh, thank you! (Did you see why it is dedicated to Francine?)


And WOW again . . . :D)