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February 2013 Storm: Yukon Snow

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This was Friday morning after it had been snowing since early Thursday evening. By Friday evening, the snow on my Yukon was much, much higher!

(Yes, it is snowing in the photo. You can see the angle of wind.)


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btw - Thanks, Faye! Spring coming to you yet?


Well, g'day mate! Another uncommonwealth everybody in Oz on Jigidi? lol Seriously, visiting your country has been on my bucket-list for a long, long time. (Probably has something to do with the stories I read as a kid.) As I told Chrissie, I can sing Waltzing Mathilda and Click Go the Shears. I'm used to humid summers, which can suck the energy out of you but I've found out the hard way that it's much harder for me to cope with than a "dry" heat. We were in the Las Vegas, Nevada region once in friend, who loves it there, told me that the high temperatures would be bearable since it is a dry heat. We got out of the airport in the 110F air and hubby turned to me and said "'s a dry heat. Well, so's an oven and I wouldn't be comfortable there either!". LOL However, the human body is an amazing thing and we do get used to living in different temperatures. I once knew a woman who was born and raised and lived most of her adult life in the Caribbean and hated the heat there. In her lovely island accent, redolent of sunshine and warmth, she told me that winter was her favourite season.

(Yup, traffic can be a real nightmare but I do live in the city that can lay claim to having the busiest highway in North America. Congestion during "rush" (ha ha ha) hours can be maddening on a good weather day, let alone a bad one.)

Thanks and ooroo!


Hi Michelle - I live in Brisbane Australia where we enjoy a mild sub-tropical climate. We're in mid-summer now with a temp range of 19C to about 35C (69F to 95F). Our winters only go down to about 5C( 40F) with winter highs of around 22C (72F). It's a very easy climate to cope with & is only uncomfortable when the humidity climbs in summer. I don't know how I'd handle your snow & freezing weather!! It sounds like the traffic is a real nightmare. Stay safe!!


Michelle...I think robryan lives in Australia. :)


Not the two youngest...snow time is fun time! Poor Bonnie has it much harder...

This is only half of what fell but it did drift higher on the truck and car closest up to the house. The prevailing winds/drifts always get us... The weather has warmed up considerable and we're doing a massive melt today. All the pretty white snow is now full of dirt and ick! Rain and icy rain coming down now which means slick streets and walkways once it falls below zero tonight so we'll have to make sure no one gets hurt taking pup-dogs out.

btw - I haven't sent Maggie any belly rubs and scritchies lately...consider them sent!


WOW, Michelle. When I saw the first one of your roof, it was an amazing design and really quite lovely. This shows you just how much really fell. I am so glad you are dug out now!! Stay warm and comfy inside. You have plenty of furry friends to keep you warm. They must have hated going out to use the "facilities!"


Thank you, rockingrannybee. We're all right where we are, while a record snow fall, it certainly wasn't one of our worst. We do worry about the people on the eastern seaboard; I have family out in Nova Scotia and I haven't heard from them yet. My mother used to tell me about some really wild experiences that she had as a child. One storm was so bad that they were trapped in the house with snow up over the doors. She was the eldest child...her parents had to "toss" her out an upstairs window with a shovel (they didn't fit through the window) and she had to dig her way into a THAT was snow!

Now you know why you see so many Canadian Snowbirds in your Sunshine State! Once you reach a certain age and arthritis kicks in, etc., you'd rather forgo at least some of the snow and cold. (My dad has a house in the Orlando area and spends most of his winter and spring there...) My husband and I have been down many times and I do remember how oddly the native Floridians looked at us when we wear shorts and light jackets, at best, in February. One of his neighbours was wearing a fur coat at the time... ;-D


When you see snow, you know that it's warmer weather (for winter). When it gets really cold, it doesn't snow. (Our youngest works in the far north of BC and tells us that the snow grows from the ground up...any moisture in the air crystallizes.) Usually, if it is a very bright sunny day mid-winter, make sure you are bundled up very warmly!

Fortunately for me, I only drove in the beginning of it on Thursday afternoon, just as the roads were getting greasy and before the salt trucks had been around. Unfortunately for my daughter, she had to be at a special annual event for a business association and it was about 70 km (44 mi) from our home. Over 3 hours to get here with the traffic issues! Friday was even worse...I was so happy so see her and my husband both arrive home safely. They each had some very hairy moments while driving, especially since the plows couldn't keep up with it.

So where do you live, Rob? I'm guessing you don't get the weather extremes that we do. (Our summers can be baking...while mostly in the high 20's (80's), we also get days in the mid 30's C (90's F). )


It's a-ok, texasstar, we're all dug out now and the rest is melting fast. Thank you for offering! We might have some more by the weekend... lol Glad that you enjoyed the photo.

We get used to digging out as quickly as you can, especially if there is another snow fall predicted right away. (We even have bylaws that state when you have to have your walkways cleared after the snow has stopped.) The light powder is relatively easy but when it is the wet stuff, man does that get heavy! Neighbours generally help each other out, especially if your neighbour is in need (i.e. elderly, ill, etc.)

The snow is certainly beautiful...but I am so glad to be living in the Sunshine State, where it doesn't snow!! All of you in this blizzard are in our prayers.


Gosh that look freezing!!! Hope you're not planning to drive for a while. I can send you some of our heat if you like!!


Wow, we'll have to all come help dig you out! Nice photo. Thanks.


Well, we do need precip in the winter for the ground water. I've got too many farmers in the family to take it for granted...


Wow. Looks like here three years ago. And hardly a flake since. Knock on wood.