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Biased patterns

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Biased beauties? Try saying that three times quickly LOL. Thanks, Jan :-)


Biased beauties. Thanks so much!


Thank you kindly, Mr O.


Sally has replied to the Azalea Wars, Suzy. I'm stirring my muse and hope something comes up!


Great puzzle, Chrissie.


Azalea War thoughts?..Pick one day where everyone who wants to enter can post their 4 best photos. (They will need to notify us so we can make a list for those who want to vote). All who wish to vote will be given 5 votes. They can used their votes for one photo, or split them up. Voting will take place over a given amount of time (2 days?). One with the greatest number of votes wins a marvelous prize.
Seeing as tulips aren?t out here yet, we have time to decide when to have the contest.
Any thoughts, suggestions or comments on the rules? Suzy


LOL.... remember it was YOU who said that, whattie dear! I think the ever present s*** is getting to your equilibrium :-) Thanks, buddy :-))))


Thanks, Willy! Enjoy it when you get to it. Be warned - don't try the 540 piece unless you have lots of time to spare - it's quite tricky :-)


Thank you, leet. You are a faithful positive commenter and I want to tell you how much I appreciate that :-)


Thanks, Edie :-)
Wow, that's a serious case of bias you have! I'm pleased I posted in time for you to find after a little break! I answer to foxy and Chrissie and I truly don't mind which you use. I also answer to "Hey, eejit" but perhaps I'd not like to be called that :-)))


Terrific and fun patterns, foxy! This puzzle is perfect for me as I've always been a little tilted :)))) (7:39)


Chrissie this is soooooooooo great, I love it and I was bookmarked it,
Willy. :-)

Very attractive puzzle. Thank you.


Good thing I read JC's comment since I was going to say the same thing only difference was that I'm biased to all your puzzles. Thanks. This one was just the ticket after a few days off. BTW do you prefer to be called Foxy or Chrissie? Thanks


LOL.... ditto, JC! Thanks, mate :-))


Fun one, Chrissie!
I guess I am biased about working your biased patterns. LOL!