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Happy 4th July

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good morning Lee thanks

Wonderful puzzle! Thank you.


Hi davie. tootie, Billy and Jan thank you, hope you are all enjoying the day


A beautiful puzzle, even more so coming from you, June. You are so richly talented. Thank you so very much!

It looks like a lot of us enjoy the 4th of July and what it means to us!!!!


Ah, this was a truly wonderful puzzle. Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue. May it wave forever.
Thank you June.


Pretend I actually typed "England" instead of English. Perhaps I should get more coffee.


As my teenager says, "True, true." Have only been in English a couple of times but loved it.


Hi Ardy, Katie and littlebuttercup glad you enjoyed it. America is like anywhere else including Britain, most people are solid citizens, just want to do the best they can in life and then there are the Jerry Springer types only we get Jeremy Kyle turning over rocks looking for troglodyte life and finding plenty of it. Back in the days when America became independent it wouldn't make any difference to your average man in the street over here, follow the money as usual. Only the rich speculators and royalty would have been upset. So beat your drum, fly your flags and have a jolly good day

Fun and festive, tasteful, and altogether splendid! Thanks.


Hi June, beautiful rendition of red, white and blue! Thanks so much for joining in the fun of the US holiday!


Hi June. Thank you. I'm glad we are all friends now. As an American I am proud of my country but not always about how the people behave. Your puzzle is wonderful and challenging. I can't imagine doing it in the bigger size. Your time seems fast to me, June. Favorites for me today would be the top right and middle right and middle left. Hope you can have a good day.


Hi davie, one never knows these days. One good thing about being old is I don't have anything interesting to say. I guess Americans are just proud of their country, we have historic buildings to bang on about and thousands of years of history so it's fair enough. Have a good day


Thank you June Shone for the puzzle. I surprised and touched, also. In fact, I hope Homeland Security and NSA don't target me but I've always been a bit embarrassed by how much Americana folks post. I don't see other folks having the need to constantly post their flags in everyone else's faces. But enjoying my day off none the less, working your wonderful puzzles.


Hi Barb and Barb!! Lot of water gone under the bridge since then, Scotland seems next in line for the freedom struggle. Have a good day


Lovely puzzle to celebrate our American friends, June. :-)

Thanks for the 4th of July puzzle. Kind of ironic, you being British and the 4th celebrates our independence from the British. I appreciate your kind thought,


Hi Kirsten thanks, I solved the large one, eventually, after I made it. took me over an hour but then I am slow


Great puzzle June! You got terrific variation into those kaleidos, despite them all being the same three colours. Thanks very much! :)))