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Bonnie: Both Sides Now

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We took her out to check out the snow today. She wasn't so sure about the deeper part (mooo!) but liked going for a little walk on the side walk and up the neighbour's driveway.


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Thank you, Jeannie...we think that she's styling no matter what she wears! Was Tiny tiny? And what is Tiny's story?


What a cutie, and she looks very smart in her coat! Our Tiny had one and loved it.


An early bird special...

I have another Bonnie puzzle that I can't post re time allotment:


What a sweetie! :)))


Bonnie and Darcy can borrow from each other, Francine...Meara's coat is too small. Meara's is red. We couldn't find a purple one (Meara's favourite) or a pink one (Bonnie's preference). Darcy's colour is blue. But any port in a storm, though! LOL

Wish we had a fireplace, Jan, but no such luck! The cuddle was definitely provided though!


Bonnie is such a trouper. What a sweet gal! I'll bet it was time for a fire and a bit of a cuddle afterwards! Thanks so much for sharing lovely Bonnie with us!


They can borrow from each other, no?! Great colour.


Bonnie did like being outside for a little while, Monica. She just didn't appreciate us trying to get her to stand and pose in the cold weather. She has to keep moving or she just stiffens right up, poor baby. She did get to wander up and down the sidewalk, following her nose, and she was very happy to do that. (We didn't put her boots on because we knew that we wouldn't have her out for very long. The coat is very necessary since she is quite thin and we don't want her getting too cold.)

I am glad that you like Bonnie too, Janazlouky! Bonnie borrowed her son Darcy's coat for this little jaunt outside. (Hers is black and was drying out from her previous duty trip to the backyard.) I rather like the blue on her though! (We have different colours for all three dogs.)

Hello again, Ank! We are agreed...she is a beautiful girl! I think that it would be fun to have her meet Micky but I think the younger ones (they're only 8 years old and still act like puppies) would have more fun playing with her in the snow. Bonnie would probably like to cuddle and give nose kisses to Micky when she comes in from playing with the others in the snow.


Oh Bonnie, you are so beautiful with your coat. Maybe you can play a little with Micky in the snow.
Love it Michelle.


Bonnie is a sweetheart and her outfit too pretty, clever girl , thank you


AAAWWW! Poor Bonnie! She sure doesn't look like she's enjoying this walk. Her look says, "Aw, mommy, please take me home where it's nice and toasty!" L.O.L. Michelle, she's a real cutey pie.


I thought I was the only one still awake in our time zone, Mary! My daughter and I decided to take her outside to get some pictures while it was still relatively mild (relative being the operable least it wasn't storming). She enjoyed just a short walk but now finds it hard to stay out in the cold and has to keep moving (sounds like me). She is really starting to show her age now but still seems to enjoy her life so far. We have to agree that she is sweet. I feel that you would love her too, if you met her Mary. *hugs*


Oh how sweet she is and she has a pretty little coat to keep her warm.thanks Michelle