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Beauty can be a "heavy" burden.

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Hope you find something. You could have the akebia but would have to keep it really pruned. I forgot to look at treker's older photos but I will now. He had a puzzle of the vine he has growing on his porch or patio & it is really thick & heavy. Of course it has been growing there for awhile. If you want vines in particular just go to any of the on-line plant sellers & get all the ideas & info you can imagine. If you don't know any sellers just type in 'Where to buy vines'. Good luck & let me know.............


No - on my balcony, the view is big but not the space. Darn. This plant sounds heavenly. Thanks annjax for taking the time to get me this info. I'm going online now to see what I can find for my area and "small" circumstances. If I can't get it to grow here, you may find a strange woman come knocking at your door. I won't need directions - I'll just follow the aroma. Good luck with your plant - would love to hear how it continues to grow.


And by the way---I've spelled it wrong (dumb a-- me.) it is 'Akebia'. Sorry.......


Hi, I sure hope you have a big balcony! They can become quite large from what I understand. You will need strong supports for it, too. Not trying to discourage you but just want to let you know. I suppose you could keep it pruned but that may cut away any blossoms---& I think the flowers are what smells like chocolate. Please read up on it first & then you can buy them from several internet nurseries. I bought a plant, not seeds.It will grow quite dense, I think, with maturity if you keep it confined. Ask treker to tell you about the one on his patio/porch. Hawhawhaw. I hope you can figure a way to have one. Just remember they aren't puny little things. I have an acre & a half if mine wants to get rambunctious. ;-D And I think I remember that there are different kinds. I'll look for the paperwork on mine & let you know the kind treker & I have. Good luck............


OK, now you've done it - I have to go to the nursery and see if they have Akiba here in San Diego. I just have a balcony and it's on the 6th floor. At times, it gets a lot of wind and it's hard to grow most things other than succulents (which seem to thrive almost anywhere) But it's sure worth a try. How fantastic to open my doors to the smell of chocolate and just go out and pick a pod. It would cut down on my chocolate chips bill too. Thanks ann for the incentive. *And the plant in this pic is bougainvillea (I think) it grows almost like a weed here. Trying to keep this one from breaking over at SDSU took a lot of support.


What in the world is this? It's beautiful, but WOW!
I saw your comment on treker's garden puzzle about the Akiba. He turned me on to it this Spring & I got one. Of course mine is still just a baby but at ground level it has gotten very bushy and has also put out two tendrils along its support. One is 5' long & the other is about 4'. It grows fast so be prepared. I can hardly wait for next year. And I fully intend to taste a pod's pulp--supposed to be somewhat like tapioca pudding! YUM!................